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Everybot RS700

Coined “the ultimate robot mop cleaner,” the Everybot RS700 comes with dual spinning mops backed by two powerful 5700 RPM motors and the company’s patented RoboSpin Technology. The end result: a thorough cleaning process that integrates the RS700’s microfiber mop pad with a variety of optimized modes that adjusts depending on the cleaning project. With the added bonus of built-in directional and multi-axis sensors, you won’t come home to find your cleaning robot pinned in a corner with the rest of your floors dirty.

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Dyson 360 Eye

The all-new Dyson 360 Eye is hands-down THE most powerful robot vacuum on the market today. Equipped with the Dyson digital motor (V2) that spins up to 78,000 rpm, this incredible piece of engineering epitomizes the Dyson brand which has revolutionized the vacuum cleaner for the past 70 years. With two different suction modes (Max and Quiet) – both controllable from the Dyson Link app – the 360 Eye robot guarantees one of the most thorough cleaning experiences without you being home.

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Ecovacs has engineered Winbot 950 – a window-cleaning robot that guarantees no streaks or spots. Imagine just plugging in a smart robot and watching it hit up every hard-to-reach corner of your dirty windows – leaving them spotless.