You Liked: This Bionic Lens Will Give You More Than Just 20/20 Vision

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ORBI Prime

The ORBI Prime shades allow you to capture 360-degree videos and images using four powerful 1080p/4K resolution HD cameras. It’s a hands-free action camera housed in a pair of cool sunglasses.

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Zungle Panther

With similar design features as Ray Ban’s Wayfarer, the Zungle Panther is a set of audio shades with built-in bone conduction speakers. By connecting your lightweight (0.1 lb) shades to your smart phone via Bluetooth, you’re able to whip around town listening to your favorite playlists. The bone conductor speaker technology transmits sound waves to the listener’s skull via vibrations.

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Recon Jet

The next generation of wearable technology is officially here. Recon Instruments, an Intel company, has created Recon Jet – performance eyewear with a built-in display designed specifically for fitness enthusiasts. Activated with a simple glance down, Jet is designed to never distract its users or compromise their line of sight. It’s unobtrusive and like most wearable tech, it solves a major problem: smartphone distractions while running or biking.