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Google Pixel Buds

Capable of translating 40 languages courtesy of Google Translate paired with a Pixel/Android-compatible smartphone, the all-new Pixel Buds are breaking down the language barrier whether you’re a frequent world traveler, a multinational businessperson, or an ESL educator. Google set out to make a pair of earbuds more helpful and they have certainly accomplished their mission.

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HAIYU Smart Translator

Let’s face it – when you’re traveling overseas whether it’s for business or pleasure – the biggest obstacle you can face is the language barrier. It’s extraordinarily difficult to communicate with foreigners outside of the basics and it’s frustrating for both parties if both people are relying on a smartphone to do the translating. Thankfully, technology – in the form of wearable devices – has come a long way since Google Translate launched its groundbreaking software. Introducing HAIYU – the smart translator device that hangs around your neck and makes the flow between two languages a seamless experience.

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ili Wearable Translator

Armed with a proprietary voice streaming translator system called STREAM, ili eliminates the frustrations around delayed translation software. STREAM translates words in as little as 0.2 seconds and since the device has its own built-in processing unit, there’s no reliance on wireless connectivity.

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Pilot: Language Translator

Pilot, a smart earpiece language translator, uses the latest in speech recognition technology to clearly understand other languages. Can you imagine living in a world without a language barrier or never having to worry about being lost in translation while traveling?