Excel to PDF file conversion: Doc2PDF

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  • December 15,2016
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Introducing Doc2PDF, an online tool for converting your files to PDF. Now, you’re not faced with any issues regarding doc files because you have the ultimate solution. Doc2PDF can be used as an online version as well as a desktop tool. The service is free, so no need to worry about anything – just start converting your files to PDF. Excel to PDF Converter is a widely- required feature. Because of the advantages of PDF, many people want to convert their Excel files to PDF and then use them online or get it printed. Doc2PDF makes it easy and paves the way for such users.

Advantages of PDF

Showcasing your documents is exponentially easier when viewed in PDF format. You can easily create the PDF files and use them to express and send the information. Sending the electronic file versions in PDF format over the web is easier and a lot more secure rather than word or excel. Managing the things in between a PDF file also becomes easy. Increased security and control over the files is a noteworthy advantage offered by a PDF doc. The unwanted access to your files can be avoided by using PDF, which was never possible in Excel format. Add watermarks to your file or encrypt the data by using password-protected PDF. All this made easy by Doc2PDF, an efficient and a very handy PDF conversion tool.

Significance of Doc2PDF

Whenever you need to convert Excel files and enjoy the PDF advantages, then the best software or online service that you will find is the Doc2PDF. Doc2PDF allows you to use the PDF files just as you want them to be used. Doc2PDF is an efficient excel to pdf converter making the conversion of files easier, quick, and allows you to deal with the files conveniently. So, use the tool and convert your Excel files to PDF. Secure your files and have a peace of mind while uploading them on the Internet. Doc2PDF service is free for you. Both the desktop version as well as an online tool can be used seamlessly, enabling everyone to convert files to PDF.


Not only excel, but there a lot more formats compatible with Doc2PDF that can be converted to PDF by using this tool. The other formats compatible with Doc2PDF include image, PowerPoint, txt and Word. You can also perform the opposite task; i.e. convert your PDF files to your desired output format. The maximum size of a file is 25 MB, which can be converted by using the online Doc2PDF tool. For a higher file size, you may download the desktop version.


So what are you waiting for? Download the desktop version today and start converting different file formats to PDF. If you need to convert a smaller file, then you can also use the online tool allowing you to just upload the file by browsing the location and then download or email the output converted the file.