Playster: The Best App for eBooks and Audiobooks

  • iReviews
  • January 19,2017
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Reading an eBook or listening to an audiobook is a great way to unwind and pass the time. The increased availability of books online, especially in audiobook form, has further enhanced avid readers’ experiences. With a huge e-library right at their fingertips, readers can easily stay engaged for hours on end without having to spend a lot of money and time visiting their local bookstore.


Nowadays, eBook and audiobook subscription services are becoming more and more popular and there are several service providers to pick from. Playster is an eBook and audiobook subscription service that gives readers unlimited access to eBooks and audiobooks. Whatever book you’re looking for, just go to the Playster search tab, type in the name and you’ll find it in ebook and/or audiobook form.


The subscriptions process is easy and can be completed within a few clicks. A Playster subscription allows you to access the books and audiobooks from any device and you can enjoy them both online and offline. There are no restrictions on its usage and you can stream as much content as you want each month for one flat fee.


Most Playster users say that the company offers good support. If you face any issues in tracking your account after signing up, you can talk directly to their customer service experts. They will happily solve your queries.

Why Should You Use Playster To Read Books?

Playster is considered by many users to be the netflix of books, the platform gives readers the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of books from various genres with zero restrictions. From New York Times Bestsellers to romantic novels, Playster’s virtual shelves are crowded with books from all of today’s best popular and indie authors. And seeing as they regularly update their library, getting all the latest books is easy.


Both old and new books are featured and if you can’t seem to find a specific book in the system, search for it in the audiobooks section. You will surely find the book you’re looking for there! What’s more, the subscription price is super reasonable. Just by paying $9.95 per month you will be able to access all of their eBooks and audiobooks.


The e-reader offered by Playster is great as well. It allows you to adjust font size and brightness to your needs and turning to the next page feels just like you’re holding a real book. There’s no delay and the entire experience is enjoyable.


So, if you’re ready to have a happy reading experience, simply download the Playster app and start streaming today!