PowerVision has unveiled a new high-tech device revolutionizing the way people track and locate fish. The concept is attributed to a newly designed gadget called the PowerRay – a detachable Fishfinder capable of diving 30 meters (98 feet) for up to 4 hours. With the PowerRay finally unveiled, many want to know what it is all about and how it can be useful.

Sonar Technology

Based on the now simplistic properties of Bluetooth technology, fish can be safely observed with the help of a tool like the PowerRay. Through the powers of sonar technology, PowerRay captures images of fish and sends that information to your smartphone. No, they aren’t generic quality photos. They are high-resolution 4K photos so every detail can be observed without any problem.


This gadget isn’t restricted to just one type of climate or fish. It can be used for both fresh water and salt water fishing excursions. PowerRay can seamlessly detect fish from both ecosystems without having to worry about water salinity or environment temperatures. In fact, it provides users all the environmental parameters and presents users with a comprehensive report on conditions.

The Feeder

There is another add-on that can be used to replace the built-in sonar technology. With the option to remove the Fishfinder and operate it as a stand-alone device, users can remote bait drop up to 40 meters (131 feet) below the PowerRay – adding a good 10 meters to your fishing depth. This extension feature allows the drone users to quickly and seamlessly deploy fish bait. The bait isn’t just thrown carelessly but deployed precisely at the location which is being indicated by the user. Once fish come to feed, the drone user can observe the process.

The PowerRay Camera

The camera featured on the drone itself is rather impressive. The 100-degree viewing range makes it perfect for capturing images in large bodies of water. The UltraWeb quality recording capabilities don’t stop here: The device is capable of filming in 4K, at 30 frames per second. In addition, it also comes with a 5 FPS burst window using 12 MP stills.
There’s no doubt that people who can make use of this gadget will love it instantly. With PowerRay’s Fishfinder sonar system, two powerful built-in LED lights, and its integrated front-mounted 4K UHD camera, fishing enthusiasts are able to capture all of the underwater action close up and in high-definition.. Since climate and temperature is no longer a problem, drone users can sit back and relax while letting the PowerRay locate, lure, and catch fish.