Search Engine Optimization is a special technique employed in web publishing. It increases the page visibility and its traffic, offering a higher ranking both for readers and for search engines. However, it’s not that easy to write an article with Search Engine Optimization, since it has to be interesting and at the same time, easy to read. You also have to place keywords and key phrases strategically throughout the text, plus add hyperlinks that will bring more visitors.

1. Outline the article.

You should write articles that are engaging and informative, bringing new angles on certain topics. If you want people to start reading the article, then you should use a good hook in the beginning. Add some useful information or introduce a new topic, and they will continue reading. Try to bring some value to your article and, if possible, make it entertaining. Keep in mind that good quality content will be shared by your visitors.

2. Have a clear list of keywords and key phrases.

It is important to know what keywords and phrases are relevant to your article. In this way, the publisher (if it is someone other than yourself) can integrate them into the metadata of the webpage, which belongs to the HTML code. As such, the article will be better indexed which will result in greater exposure.

Remember, people look up things on search engines with the help of keywords and key phrases. Place yourself in the shoes of the target audience and ask yourself: how are they going to search for things and what combination of words are they most likely going to use? Conduct your own keyword search or simply rely on your creativity to find out as many of them as you can. This will be an invaluable step to optimize your content.

3. Writing the article.

When writing your article, it’s important to follow certain steps. Always write clearly and make sure there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes can really ruin your article, not only with regard to the content quality, but could also jeopardize your credibility as a publisher. Don’t use long block texts, but instead break the text into smaller paragraphs and use subheaders.

If all this seems confusing, remember that there are professionals out there who do this for a living. You can always ask for help, or you can Google helpful domains, such as seoservicesusa seo chicago. If you choose to go this route, most SEO experts will solve your problems faster and in a more qualitative manner.