The iPhone X, which released Nov. 3, 2017, has received lots of attention for its new look and impressive technology. A completely redesigned screen, Face ID technology, and a depth-sensing camera are just a few of the many outstanding features that this smartphone delivers.

Redesigned Screen

Though you might notice the iPhone X’s rounder edges, your attention will likely jump immediately to the new screen. Apple has removed the home button from the phone, so the whole front of the device — excluding the housing for the front-mounted camera and sensors at the top — is the screen. This design is aesthetically pleasing, and the manufacturer has added a swipe function to replace pushing the home button.
Another notable design feature is the lack of a headphone jack. You won’t be able to use your favorite headphones or earbuds without purchasing an adapter. However, the X does come with EarPods that connect to the Lightning connector at the bottom of the phone.

Updated Security Features: Face ID

Another major selling point of the new iPhone is its Face ID technology. This innovation uses the front camera’s TrueDepth system to map out your facial features. After setting up Face ID on your new phone, you can use it to unlock the lock screen, log on to apps that require your Apple ID, and look into the camera to confirm purchases you make with Apple Pay.
One of the most impressive things about Face ID is that it learns more about your face the more you use it. The technology adapts to your age, hair style, and more. With time, it will detect your face even if you’re wearing a hat or glasses. The iPhone X uses infrared lights to check your face, so you can even unlock your phone with Face ID in the dark.

The A11 Processor

An A11 processor and an embedded M11 motion coprocessor power the iPhone X. Apple claims that this processor, which is responsible for things such as graphics and image processing, is the most powerful that’s ever been used in a smartphone. Indeed, the iPhone X’s processing power is in the same league as Apple’s MacBook Pro. Matched with a quality network, such as an iPhone X on T-Mobile’s reliable 4G LTE, users can enjoy one of the best experiences possible on a modern smartphone.

Depth-Sensing Camera

The iPhone X is an excellent pick if you want a smartphone that can capture some stunning photographs. The depth-sensing technology is what enables the phone to capture facial expressions, but it also enables users to take some incredible selfies. Users hoping to capture striking pictures can also look forward to these features:
• Optical image stabilization: This system reduces the blur caused by moving a camera while taking a photo.
• Portrait mode: Portrait mode gives users access to depth effect and other tools to craft the perfect selfies.
• Portrait Lighting: Though still in beta, Portrait Lighting lets users apply lighting effects to snap high-quality pictures.

Battery Life

Though the battery life on the X isn’t an improvement over the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, it still provides plenty of juice to get through the day. You can surf online for up to 12 hours or talk for up to 21 hours before needing a charge. Fast charging is available, which will power up the device to 50 percent in roughly 30 minutes. You can charge an iPhone X using the Lightning connector at the bottom of the phone or wirelessly with a Qi-certified charging dock.

Storage Options and Sticker Prices

The iPhone X is available in two storage options: 64GB and 256GB. The former costs $999, and the latter goes for $1,149. You also have your choice of two colors for the phone: space gray or silver.
The iPhone X is loaded with features and is certainly an exciting update for those with an iPhone 8 or older device. Plus, there’s lots more in store for the manufacturer as it continues to invest in Face ID and sensor technologies. Look for the next iteration of Apple devices that roll out in 2019 to take even greater advantage of these innovations.