Bitdefender is a security system. It defends your system against the threats of the internet. It provides high protection to your privacy, especially, your webcam. Also, the files that you have on your computer or laptop are safe with Bitdefender.

It prevents your files from unwanted changes, in case internet threat invasion occurs. You can also manage this antivirus from your smartphone. Thus, the support is there day in and day out. It is one of the best performingsdevicesystems so far.

Bitdefender launches its new version, with advanced features, every year. Given below is the latest 2018 version. You can also get the Bitdefender Total Security 2018 version free of cost. However, it is just a trial of 90 days.

Bitdefender 2018 Version

The new version of Bitdefendertotal security 2018 still has a very dark theme. It still has the autopilot option at the right upper corner. It is simplistic design, and you can find whatever you need to do on the home screen. You can also look at the advanced features. For instance, if you go into the option of advanced threat defense, then you can see very few applications. So, the settings have been simplified for this version.

Two of the most prominent feature updates of the Bitdefender new version arediscussed in the Bitdefender review given below. Let’s read how it is making our lives easier through its exceptional feature updates.

Anti-Malware Filter

Bitdefender does have the protectors as do a lot of modern products do have. It safeguards certain specific data. Bitdefender total security also has improved its malware software links. You have some malware links that you can try by loading on the virtual machine. You can see now how the Bitdefender protects us.

The web filter will block each one very easily. Check every given link, and you will find that the anti-malware filter blocks it. The web filter kicks again and again, and it goes on and on. The web protection is taking every one of the link caremodels.

ScanThe Malware Through Bit Defender

Disable the protection system and grab any of your files and bring it to the desktop. The file may have, for instance, 800 malware items. This may have all kind of malware that is ready to invade the system.

Now, go for a full scan with Bitdefender and see the results that how much it can remove. After scanning, you might be having 700 malware still in your file. The figure, whatever it is, will appear on your screen after scanning.

You can just delete these unresolved items through the delete button at the right side. After this, there will still be some items that are not deleted for some reason. You can now select the take proper action’ option to remove them. This reason is maybe these items are archived or inside some other file etc.

Everything is removed and scanned. You can scan once again to make sure. The system will be clean. The detection ratio will appear on your screen. If it is more than 85%, then it is quite good and satisfactory.

If you give these files the best shot of entering the system and see if Bitdefender still protects you or not, then re-enable the Bitdefender. You will see after it turns on that everything is protected in your system.

This is how the Bitdefender is saving our data. Bitdefender is known for its exceptional signatures. It has credibility since its inception. It will hopefully keep on fulfilling our expectations for every year to come.