Perhaps the biggest cell phone related news in recent years was the elimination of the headphone jack for many flagship phones. This includes Apple phones like the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, as well as a variety of other phones including the Google Pixel 2. The reasons for why they have removed them will vary from company to company.

Whatever the reason for taking away the headphone jack, it has led to an explosion of the market for wireless headphones. Wireless headphones have been around for decades, but they have never been more popular than they are now, due to many phones not having a headphone jack anymore. Sure, Apple and other phone manufacturers may provide headphones that plug into the charging port on the phones, but many people don’t like these.

Instead, they will look to the dozens of different wireless headphone options that are out there today. These not only allow for high quality sound, but also do so without the problems and annoyances that a wire being plugged in can cause. Some people will opt for the large, over the ear wireless headphones, but others might like the size and portability of smaller offerings such as running or athletic earbuds.

However, in 2015, a new type of wireless headphone was released, known as true wireless headphones. These headphones have no external wires and as a result, they will fit securely and not have the ability to tangle or get stuck in a knot, almost like a pair of hearing aids. The Apple Airpods, which came out in late 2016, are arguably the post popular type, but there are several other companies creating them as we speak.

Wireless Headphones

Different types of cutting edge technology is also finding their way into wireless headphones, including the Airpods. Just like you would be able to talk to Siri on your iPhone, you are also able to talk to the Airpods and have them respond to you in a similar fashion.

Other cutting edge technologies such as AI sound enhancement and listening guarding are finding their way into headphones as well. Many will also offer helpful additions such as heart rate monitors, calorie counters and more, right in the headphones.

So what can we expect for the rest of 2018 and beyond when it comes to the expectations for wireless headphones? Well, the first thing that customers will expect is that the price becomes more affordable. Many of the wireless headphones out there can cost hundred and hundreds of dollars, which is too much for the general consumer.

Another expectation is that they offer more than just good sound quality. People expect “features” nowadays. They want the headphones to be water and sweat resistant, have longer battery lives, and to also be comfortable with a comfortable fit and no risk of them coming loose.

While these types of features are already included in some models, they need to start popping up in more affordable options as well. People also care a lot about style, so look for wireless headphones (especially true wireless headphones) look to capitalize on people’s yearning for headphones that can also double as an accessory, and come out with some breathtaking designs.

In conclusions, while they aren’t totally obsolete and gone, it seems as if the headphone jacks’ days are numbered. There are many great options for those who want to purchase (at various price points) wireless headphones, and there are sure to be many more innovations in the market as well. We are excited to see what the future holds when it comes to wireless headphones and the technology inside of them.