Review of 8 Best UK Retail Apps for iOS and Android in 2018

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  • April 14,2018
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We live in the world, where we can do almost anything with a help of our smartphone. Shopping is no exception, and retail mobile applications have already become a great way for sellers to sale their goods and for their clients – to get special offers and enjoy the convenience of online shopping and paying via a mobile app payment gateway.


The state of mobile retail market in UK

Having a mobile application has already become a standard for big retailers, and customers expect all possibilities that it can give. With the help of applications, customers can get discounts, special offers and notifications about new products and loyalty programs.


On the other hand, retailers get to know their customers better and find out about their tastes and preferences to make their shopping experience more convenient and fast.


However, despite this, the survey made by Apadmi shows that only 40% of consumers in UK are actually satisfied with what retail apps have to offer. They want more interesting features and innovation. Despite this fact, people continue to download retail apps and actively use them.


According to Statista, there are the most popular iOS mobile retail apps in UK.

In this article we’ll tell you about best retail apps 2018 in UK who became the most successful in offering their products in mobile apps and won the most customer loyalty.


Google Play
App Store

Ebay is one of the biggest retail сompanies in the world, and their app is extremely popular in UK. Search is great in ebay app – it suggests product categories and predicts the text you type.


Barcode scanner is another most beloved feature in this retail application.


Ebay allows users to filter products by location, category, price range and also by the time left till the end of an auction.


Google Play
App Store

Like Ebay, Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world, and their mobile app is actively used by customers. There are lots of features in this app, that make customers return to it again and again. The main advantage of an Amazon mobile app is how little time it takes to make a purchase. A one-click payment method allows to buy anything quickly, and it really works, especially for those who are prone to impulsive purchases.


Big call-to-actions and great product pages are also a part of its success. Just like Ebay, Amazon had predictive search and a barcode scanner.


Unlike other retail apps, in which customers don’t see any changes or innovations, Amazon tries to implement some new features. For example, last year they implemented an AR shopping game. Now customers are also able to see how different items will look in their homes with the help of AR.


Google Play
App Store

Shpock, unlike previous two giant apps for retail business, is a platform where you can buy things from people who live near you and sell your things to them. The only thing you need to do is to make a photo and add a price and description of an item.


Shpock app uses geolocation and filters to show you the products sold nearby, and the best thing about this app is that it is completely free both to buy and to sell. Moreover, you won’t need to pay any extra money to PayPal, as the sales are usually made in person, so you’ll just get or pay with cash.


Google Play
App Store

Groupon is one of the most popular apps in UK that helps to save money. It offers coupons and best deals around you, so it uses geolocation to determine where you are. The number of deals depends on the location, so expect more if you are in a big city.
iOS users can enjoy using Apple Pay in the app, so they don’t need to type in a credit card number. The Groupon app is really easy and fast to use.


Google Play
App Store

Gumtree retailer mobile app works similarly to Shpock, and it is also one of the most popular mobile retail applications that help people sell and buy things to those near them. On our opinion, Shpock looks a bit more beautiful than Gumtree, as it is more picture-centered, but Gumtree also has some interesting features to offer. You can expand or reduce the search radius and see for how long any other user has been a member of Gumtree.


Google Play
App Store

ASOS is one of the biggest clothing retailers and in UK it already gained extreme popularity. As ASOS state themselves, 80% of their traffic and 70% of all orders in UK comes from a mobile device, and that’s no surprise, because it’s app is great – its reviews on both app markets are high, and we especially like the design.


Apart from features like search and personal offers based on favorite products, ASOS has a visual search feature, that allows to find clothes using photos. This makes it one of the best retail shopping apps out there.


Google Play
App Store

Etsy is a unique app where you can find all kinds of interesting stuff you won’t be able to see in a regular shop. Vintage, crafted and handmade products make Etsy attractive for people who like exclusive things.


Also, you can use Etsy to sell anything you made on your own, for example, some crafted earrings or a painting. Etsy has analytics for sellers to monitor shop activity – it helps them to sell more effectively.


Google Play
App Store

Wish is a popular retailer app that connects shoppers from UK and sellers mostly from China. The prices in this app are usually extremely low, however, if you plan to buy anything, watch out for quality.


This retail platform allows users to make wish lists and get discounts for the products they chose. It also features a personalized feed and search, and the interface in this app is friendly and simple.


There are many mobile apps for retail business on the market, but they are still not satisfying enough for the customers. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean they don’t use the applications, and the mobile retail market doesn’t seem to stop growing in the future.