Online dating has exploded in recent times, and no wonder. Searching for a potential partner via the convenience of your web browser seems such an apt method of harnessing the technology now so widely available. So what are currently the ‘best’ out of the crop of dating sites available at our fingertips? Given the extreme popularity of using the web for your relationship needs these days, such a question almost seems on a par with ‘how long is a piece of string?’ However, despite this being a marketplace where there are new additions of worth on an almost daily basis, here are the possibilities narrowed down to a short-list of the five best dating sites in 2018.

Available in over 80 countries around the globe, Zoosk is an extremely popular dating site headquartered in San Francisco, in the USA. As well as a website, it has iOS and Android app versions. One of its claims to fame is boasting algorithms which can glean details about users from clicks and messaging, in order to help matches which are as accurate as possible. The thinking behind this is the more information which can be gathered, the better the service will be. It also uses image verification software to weed out inaccurate photographs which are deliberately misleading to potential dates.

Flirt offers users an easily-navigatable interface that will get them connecting with compatible individuals in no time. This excellent user-friendly service offers a wide range of features, the whole purpose of which is to deconstruct some of the mystique of online dating and treat it for what it should always be: a fun way of introducing like-minded singles who are looking for romance and fun.

Search tools are available which allows users to specify the various criteria which would make their Mr. or Mrs. Right, the parameters covering every possible avenue from hair color to income level, and whether or not you find multiple tattoos a turn-on or turn-off.

Another company based on America’s West Coast, Eharmony starts off the matchmaking process by inviting prospective customers to complete a questionnaire. This enquires about everything from personal characteristics through to values and beliefs, as well as their emotional skills. Coupled with matching algorithms, this information allows potential couples to be matched on the basis of a strong sense of compatibility. Eharmony also employs software which can evaluate behavioral data, such as the average time spent searching the website.

 Elite Singles is a fairly accurate title for this particular dating site. This service deliberately gears towards bringing professional people together by sourcing like-minded and educated individuals. They weed out casual site visitors by introducing a fairly lengthy sign up process, aimed at ensuring the only people who proceed to actually search for partners are doing so with firm conviction. EliteSingles is definitely not a site for anyone who is merely seeking out potential partners for casual flings. The site is catering for serious daters, who are in the market for long-term and fulfilling relationships.

 Match is one of the most popular online dating resources there are. It has a clean interface to entice potential clients, and the initial signing up procedure involves completing web forms which divulge profile information. Users are also invited to gauge certain preferences they would be looking for in a potential partner as ‘deal breakers’. This is an excellent attribute which avoids any awkward situations which might arise further down the line, such as a prospective partner discovered to be a political extremist, secret smoker, or owner of a house load of noisy pet dogs!