Staring at the black screen of death of your iPhone might give you a minor heartache, but it still doesn’t change anything. We know that you’re continuously fumbling around with your iPhone for the past ten minutes, but this stress might only lead to a couple of break-outs if the least.

After spending a fortune on the most expensive asset in your life, you find out that your iPhone won’t turn on, and has refused to acknowledge your efforts to bring it back to life. However, perhaps, you’re just stressed out and not thinking of the reasons why your iPhone has conked out on you. Mentioned below are four orderly ways to assess and bring your iPhone back to life.


1)  Is Your iPhone Charging Properly?

This might seem too basic, but at times, your iPhone might not turn on due to that fact that it has run out of battery. All you need to do is plug your iPhone to a wall charger or your laptop, and leave it on charge for about 20 – 30 minutes.

If your iPhone still doesn’t switch on, then check the USB cable and the wall charger as well. To confirm whether the USB cable is at flaw, try charging someone else’s iPhone with it. If it’s charging properly, then the problem might be with your iPhone all along.


2)  Hard Reset If You iPhone’s Software Just Crashed

If your iPhone’s unable to turn on, then the next guess would probably be of an inevitable software crash, while Apple users might be used to a software crash, there are different ways to restart each version, per se. A hard reset not only helps to switch your iPhone back on but also removes the garbage or cache from your phone’s memory. Also, this has nothing to do with your storage, so you don’t have anything to fear.

For iPhone 6 users, pressing the Home button with the Power button might help to switch on the iPhone. For iPhone 7 users, the Power button has to be pressed in conjunction with the Volume Down button, while for iPhone 8 users, replace the latter with the Volume Up button to restart the devices.


3)  Back-Up Your iPhone

If nothing else helps to remove the haunting black screen from your iPhone, then you might have to look into other options. Try reloading your device, and backing it up on your computer by opening iTunes. See, if iTunes recognises your iPhone, then all you need to do is back up at once. However, if iTunes doesn’t recognise your iPhone, then go for a hard reset while your device is still plugged in.


4)  A DFU Restore Is the Last Resort

Is your iPhone stuck on Apple Logo even after executing the strategies above? If this is the case, then you’d have to go towards desperate measures. A DFU Restore can probably dismantle your iPhoneif it is damagedwith water. The DFU Restore helps to return your iPhone’sglory by restoring the software of your iPhone. It helps to alter the code of the iPhone’ssoftware which in turn might help your device to restart.

However, there might be other reasons as to why your iPhone is getting haunted by the black screen of death. We might not notice it, but sudden wear and tear might physically damage our devices. Liquid or physical damage to iPhones might permanently wreck your devices, causing you to either opt for a replacement or a brand new one instead.