Do You Want to Know about Microsoft 98-349 Exam? Do It Now!

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  • February 27,2019
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The Microsoft 98-349:Windows Operating System Fundamentals exam is one of the many tests that measures the basic knowledge required to grow a career in the field of IT with Microsoft technologies. Those candidates who enrolled for this Microsoft exam must have the fundamental understanding of basic Windows Operating System. It is an entry-level certification test, which means there are no specific requirements for taking it. However, the students are advised to develop competence in the technologies and concepts covered under the certification contents. Those individuals who pass the Microsoft 98-349 exam will be awarded the Microsoft MTA 98-349 Practice Test credential. This MTA certificate is valid for a period of 5 years.


Essentially, the MTA certification is designed for the students in high schools and those pursuing two-year college degrees. It is an ideal entry-level credential for a prospective career in the field of Information Technology. However, the candidates with this certificate need to develop some level of hands-on experience or some form of training before going further. There are many individuals who want to make a career in IT but because of the lack of fundamental knowledge required for the career, they are unable to fulfil their dreams. With MTA, the applicants can start building a career in the sphere and make the certification portfolio that will land them in their desired IT role. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification provides the opportunity for the individuals with little or no practical experience to get a job in Information Technology. When you earn this credential, you become a member of the prestigious Microsoft Certified Professional group. This community of professionals gives you an access to various members-only benefits, including the MCP transcript tool, private newsgroup for networking, special offers, and you can share your career accomplishments with other certified specialists across the world.


It is important to mention that the MTA credential is only available to students, staff and faculty of accredited academic institutions that have been approved as the MTA testing centers. This means the candidates can take the 98-349 test only at MTA certified institutions.

Study and Test Locations

The Microsoft 98-349 exam is a computer-based test that requires an Internet connection. As mentioned earlier, it can only be taken at a licensed academic institution where the educators have been equipped with the requirements to be exam proctors. The test is designed to validate 20% of skills and 80% of knowledge. The professionals who pass this exam will be encouraged to move to the next certification path. The candidates should have hands-on experience working on the Microsoft technology platform. The individuals can download and install the complete developer toolset at no cost to develop their skills and experience.

The Exam

The Microsoft 98-349 exam is made up of between 30 and 50 questions. The exact number is not disclosed by Microsoft. The format of the test is multiple choice. It is crucial to mention that a candidate must score around 70%. However, the actual percentage differs from one exam to the other and it might be more or less than the 70%. It is recommended that you answer all the exam questions as there is no penalty for wrong answers. If you are asked to provide multiple answers, you should not restrict your answer to just one. You have to do it appropriately. This is why it is important that you read the instructions carefully before you begin to answer the questions. You should also know that in addition to the scored questions, Microsoft might include un-scored ones in the exam. These are usually used for future exam purpose. Further information, including preparation recommendations, is available on the Microsoft website. Check it to get the actual details.


The Microsoft 98-349 exam covers a wide range of technology areas that the students are required to study. They include software development fundamentals; database fundamentals; security fundamentals; Windows development fundamentals; system administrator fundamentals; and networking fundamentals. To increase your chance at success, it is crucial that you develop mastery in these topic areas before attempting the test.


Those candidates who don’t pass their test at their first attempt can retake it immediately. There is no waiting period for retaking the exam after the first try. However, if you fail at your second attempt, you will be required to wait for a minimum of 14 days to take the test for the third time. After the third try, you would have to wait for another 14 days for every attempt of the exam that you make. Those students who pass the test will not be allowed to take it again.

Study Guides and Classes

There are many tools that the candidates can use to pass the Microsoft 98-349 exam. Most institutions administering the test provide the individuals with training courses to prepare for the exam. In addition to this, there are various online sites that offer training tools for the applicants taking the certification test. You may want to check the exam page to review the different links to prep materials that have been recommended for the test. Some preparation option you may consider include self-paced training, training classes and practice tests.


It is very crucial that you take practice tests while preparing for your exam. It will prepare you and get you familiar with the exam structure and pattern. You will also be able to evaluate your knowledge and skills before the test. There are many platforms where you can access practice tests to help you with your preparation. In addition, such sites as PrepAway, Exam-Labs, ExamCollection and a host of others offer practice tests to help the candidates prepare for the 98-349 exam.