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According to, homes without security systems are three times more likely to be robbed. When thieves scout out homes, the majority move on to one that doesn’t have a security system installed, and as most homes don’t, they’re easy to find.

If you’ve decided to decrease the odds of becoming a victim of a robbery or other foul play in your home, you’ve got lots of options. Depending on your particular needs, you can pay a subscription fee to have your home watched by professionals 24/7 who will contact your local police and fire departments if an alarm is triggered. Or, you can get a system you monitor yourself. There are all sorts of individual devices that will allow you to monitor your home from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, like indoor and outdoor wireless security cameras, motion sensors, smart locks and video doorbells.


Smart Lock

Smart locks are great as you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your key, or your child forgetting his or her key after you install one. They’re quick and easy to install, letting you open your door using your smartphone and allowing others in no matter where you happen to be, even if it’s thousands of miles on the other side of the planet. The Danalock V3 Bluetooth & Z-Wave Smartlock is one of the highest rated options and works with both iOS, Android and other major devices. And, it can be installed into your current deadbolt hole in less than 10 minutes.

Danalock V3 in door with smart phone app displayed

Danalock V3


RemoBell Wireless Doorbell

Every time someone comes to your door, this handy device for your front porch will send you a notification via your smartphone. The RemoBell’s video feed allows you to see who it is with its impressive 120-degree viewing angle, and there’s two-way audio so that you can communicate with your visitor directly. It has infrared night vision and an advanced motion sensor so no one will ever come to your door without being noticed.

Delivery man walking up to RemoBell Video Doorbell

RemoBell Video Doorbell


Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

For the total smart home monitoring kit, this Samsung device will allow you to automate your home’s lights, electronics and keep track of who’s coming and going. It takes just 15 minu

p your family safe. You can use your Android or iOS device to control your electronics, appliances and lights while you’re on the go too.

SmartThings home monitoring kit

SmartThings home monitoring kit


Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Controller

How many times have you left the house and realized you weren’t sure if you closed your garage door? And how many times have you left it wide open? You’ll never have to worry about that again with this handy gadget. The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Controller connects to the wireless network in your home and will send you alerts if you’ve forgotten to close it. You can open and close it right from the app, compatible with iOs and Android devices.

Chamberlain D Hero1