Accessories for your Fortnite Gaming Rig

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  • March 18,2019
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If you are a homebody, then you might play Fortnite on PC. Most professional players like 60+ frames rates with epic settings at high resolution. If you don’t have high-end hardware  you can tweak the settings down using an online tool like fortnitesettingspro.


Apart from top-end hardware, you can improve your experience by adding a few accessories for your Fortnite rig. We list a few affordable accessories that will take your gameplay experience to the next level despite your rig’s specifications:

Gaming Headphones

If you want to immerse yourself in the game, then you need to invest in a high-end pair of headphones. This might set you back a few hundred dollars but it is worth the hassle if you are addicted to this game.


As for the specs, you need something with noise and echo cancellation. Just make sure your system has a USB audio sound card with 7.1 VSS. Better headphones have larger drivers, like 53mm, to assure you get nothing but the best audio performance and a rich sound experience with clear, low mids, and high tones. You ay even might want something with enhanced bass.

Gaming Mouse

When it comes to playing shooting games on the PC, the mouse is your best friend. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a third person shooter or first-person shooter, you need a snappy mouse to help you survive. If you need something for the high-intensive gameplay of fortnight, then you better take a look at professional gaming mouse. Mind the ergonomics and assure the device is comfortable to hold because you are going to use it for hours.   You should start with a wired gaming mouse and the highest DPI you can afford.


Moreover, look for something sturdy because if you are careless, then you might have to replace your mouse every other month. It can cost you some serious money. High-end mouse these days come with programmable keys. Do some research and find something that complements your style.

Mouse Pad

You are investing in a gaming mouse, but how can you expect it to complete your arsenal if you don’t have the right mouse pad underneath. With that being said, you will have to spend some extra bucks to find a nice mouse pad for your precious gaming mouse.


Fortnight is a game where you have to make all the moves with your hands. You will never know when someone might sneak up behind you, so you have to be on your toes. For this, you will need an extended mouse pad which will give you a solid base to reduce noise and movement. Find something that lets you maneuver with ease.


You can’t expect a fully immersive gaming experience on PC if you don’t have the right keyboard. So, you better save for it. Get a mechanical keyboard, learn the different switches and find the ones that suit you best, you will need to try them before you will find the type that suits you best. You need something that you can customize according to your preferences.


Just remember, you need something reliable for rapid execution of keys to give you the advantage to kill everyone who opposes you in the game. So, you better dedicate your time researching a valid option.

Wrist Rest

You are going to spend hours munching on your keyboard, so you need something that keeps your wrist comfortable no matter how long you spend on the game. Generally, a match can take up 30 minutes. But it’s a rare chance that you are logging up for one game only. So, if you are going to spend some considerable time, you better get a comfy wrist rest. This makes you play at your best despite how long you have been struggling in the game.

Gaming Chair

If you want to go full pro and perhaps even open up your channel, then a great investment is a comfy yet stylish gaming chair. No, you don’t need to spend a fortune, something under the range of a hundred bucks should suffice your needs.


We would like to take our time to mention that these accessories will only make you more comfortable during gameplay. If you are expecting to gain demigod powers within your game because of them, then you may be disappointed, so you betterdo some research and get practising.