We all love technology. Who doesn’t? Everything from the way we run a business to managing personal errands, there’s basically a useful app for any task. That alone should describe the continuing growth of the tech industry. By the end of 2019, the industry will have increased its global value to $3 trillion or even more, according to figures from Statista.

Innovation is driving the almost incessant growth of the industry, and as business approaches are further streamlined, we will be seeing more players entering the arena and contribute to the tech market’s expansion. Of course, the competition will be even fiercer as the market becomes saturated by millennial-run startups that are well-equipped to compete with veteran brands.

If you want to attain success in the tech industry, you will need to apply the right strategies. On that note, here’s what you need to do to realize better growth:

1. Gather market intelligence

If you think market intelligence involves infiltrating your competitor’s facility and stealing secrets, maybe you’re going a bit too far. Instead, you only need to understand the trends and strategies that your competitors are using. Several strategies are crucial at this point. When gathering intelligence, focus more on your competitor’s audience. Social media monitoring allows you to get a sense of what the market wants. So, if your competitor is getting negative reviews from a recent gadget launch, you can learn from their experience and develop a better product. With effective market intelligence, you can corner a certain segment of your market and provide better experiences for customers.

 2. Take time developing your product

Opinions matter in the world of tech. We can learn from no less than Google Glass about why it’s important to pre-empt negative publicity by creating a well-rounded product. While the product was no doubt an advanced piece of tech, the price tag, as well as the lackluster interface didn’t really begin to cover the amount of excitement during its unveiling. Despite all the hype it generated, Google Glass didn’t take flight as the only innovation that mattered in 2013. Moral of the story? Don’t rush things. Half-baked ideas are just as bad as having no ideas at all!

3. Focus on quality products

Again, in order to find success in the world of tech, you will need to focus on what the market wants. Sure enough, consumers and businesses want only the best solutions for their needs. Indeed, customer satisfaction matters the most in this highly competitive field, so make sure to build on the integrity of your products by finding the right electronic components distributor and creating a technical team with a strong quality assurance system. A/B testing is also important so you know what to improve in your product.

Whether you’re in the business of creating VOIP equipment or drones, you should realize by now that the tech industry is rapidly changing. Your success will depend on how you apply the strategies above and use them to get a larger share of the market. So, make sure you handle them well and realize better revenues and sustainable growth.