Agency Platform Review: A White Label SEO Solution

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  • May 16,2019
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Are you unsatisfied with your SEO campaign? Are you not receiving the results you expected?


If that is the case, then we might have something for you. We are going to review an SEO tool, Agency Platform Dashboard, and explain how it can help you.


It is an advanced SEO software developed for bloggers, SEO experts and beginners. It’s a well-designed SEO suite that offers a unique blend of time tracking, task management, White Label SEO, contact management and billing. It is ideal for every user, from a newbie to an expert.


Up next, we are going to review the features of this SEO tool and explain how it can benefit you:

Google Webmaster

Now you can easily integrate GWT into your client’s website. Let us explain how!

Up to Date Reports

Agency Platform allows you to integrate Google’s Webmaster tools into a client’s website. Once done, you will receive reports of the most recent data generated in real-time.

Crawl Issues

You get an instant report of important data with keywords, and other issues. It helps you to look and find crawl issues within a website.

XML Sitemap

With Agency Platform, you can add new XML Site within seconds. You don’t have to go through a long, painful procedure anymore.

Detailed Reports

You get a detailed report of the daily activities. What makes the Agency Platform Dashboard different from others is that your clients receive this report with their own branding.

Google Analytics

With Agency Platform Dashboard, you can add Google Analytics into your client’s website to give them a competitive boost.

API Setup

The dashboard lets you set up AOUs and get instant data. This will help you obtain the most recent information.

Detailed Reports for SEO and PPC

You get a detailed report on the SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns. This will help you while planning your next move.

Advanced Features.

The dashboard grants you the ability to add and remove features based on how you want to view the data – daily, weekly, monthly, hourly or even annually.

Daily Reports

Download every single report with just one click. Agency Platformeven lets you add your company logo in these reports.

SEO KPI Report

Receive Tracking Search metrics and KPIs. Agency Platform lets you analyse your SEO efforts and change directions for prolific results.

Detailed Summary of SEO

Agency Platform White Label SEO Dashboard gives you a detailed summary for your SEO efforts; you can ask for an SEO report for up to last 6 months.

Before and After SEO Ranking with Keywords

The dashboard even gives you a detailed report of the before and after stats of your SEO Keyword Rankings, thanks to real-time tracking.

Traffic and Pageviews

It offers you instant updates based on SEO performance indicators, which show you live traffic and page views.

SEOMoz and Majestic SEO Metrics

The dashboard’s detailed summary of your SEO efforts also includes SEOMoz and Majestic SEO Metrics dating back to 6 months.

Future Opportunities with Google Webmaster Tool Data

It enables you to get ahead of your computer by taking a sneak peek into future keywords and ranking opportunities with Google Webmaster Tools Data.

Facebook Applications

Get a lead on your social media marketing campaigns with the following built-in applications:


The application lets your followers see your tweets on your Facebook Fan page. This will trigger your fans to follow you on other channels as well.


This application enables you to show an RSS Feed on a client’s FB page. Add RSS Feeds for personal or official blogs to the FB Fan page to engage more people in an authentic way.


This lets the target consumer see your client’s YouTube videos on the FB Fan page. With this section, the page will show every video that is added to the YouTube channel, increasing exposure.


The app enables your clients to share their photos right from Flicker to their Facebook Page for their fans and clients can see. Instant updates will help them create a better bond with their clients.


This app lets your clients share PDF files through their Facebook page. They can convert any document they want to share into PDF format and keep it safe.

Presentation App

This application enables the clients to share their presentations with their followers. They can attract readers to their fan page by sharing their work directly through the fan page.

File Sharing App

The app allows you to share important files with anyone, quickly. It will take just seconds to update your files and share them with your clients, thanks to White Label SEO.

Image Gallery App

Once installed, the image gallery app will let your followers see your photos, etc. in the gallery tab on the Facebook Page. This will help improve user engagement.

Coupons App

People look for coupons, and this app offers you a unique way to tell your clients that you care about them. Show your latest and greatest offers right on your Facebook page.

E-Cart App

The E-cart app lets your clients show their online shopping cart items right on their FB Page.

Feedback App

Managing feedback can be tough; White Label SEO dashboard lets you create a feedback form and manage feedback all in one place by installing the Feedback app on Facebook.

SEO Campaign Dashboard

The White Label SEO dashboard gives you the minutest details on your SEO campaign, including how it is performing, with the help of following features:

All-in-One Dashboard

The dashboard offers a quick overview of the links acquisitions with article submission, social bookmarks and directory submissions.

Backlink Metrics

The dashboard lets you see an SEO Overview with Backlink Metrics from SEOmoz and MajesticSEO. It also shows incoming links with referring domains and IPs.

Keyword Ranking

Through the dashboard, you get to see quick snapshots of keyword rankings. Click on a keyword to see details of its current ranking and how it can help your campaigns.

Overview of Pages Indexed

Site Overview lets you see the number of pages indexed by popular search engines, including Google and Bing. It also checks the response code and loading time of your site.


This suite comes in an affordable package and offers an intuitive solution for your SEO needs. It is ideal for someone who is trying to take their blog to another level. You don’t need to be an expert to use this suite. Don’t worry, buying this suite won’t break your bank either.