Fans of the Final Fantasy Series will be excited to rediscover Ivalice on the Nintendo Switch. The new Final Fantasy XII Nintendo Switch sale worldwide has brought back the beloved characters and adventures with a compelling and dramatic story.


Two Years Later…

What has happened since the latest incarnation of the beloved classic? Since the last time gamers enjoyed the Final Fantasy video games two years have passed. Dalmasca lies in ruins at the cruel hands of the Arcadian Empire. Our here Vaan dreams of the day he can soar the sky as a heroic Sky Pirate. Meanwhile, the beloved Princess Ashe, sole survivor of her royal line, leads an underground resistance against the chaos of the age. The two characters meet and work together to fight tyranny.


New Features for Final Fantasy

Nintendo has rolled out a number of new exciting features for Final Fantasy XII. The new features enhance the accessibility and playability of the favorite. Additionally, there are a number of interesting side missions, bounty hunts, and mini-games that expand the universe.

New enhancements and features:

  • The Zodiac Job System gives players the ability to develop their characters tactical and skills through an evolution of combinations and job options
  • Exciting new bounty hunts and battles
  • Increased battle tempo with optional high speed modes
  • Gambit sets which customize artificial intelligence
  • Autosave functions
  • New Mini Games
  • Reset characters and jobs when you talk to Clan Centurio


Soundtrack and Graphics

The new Final Fantasy XII soundtrack and audio sound quality has been enhanced significantly. Players have the option of listening to the traditional soundtrack or the new re-orchestrated one.  Enjoy the sweeping hauntingly beautiful music of the game during your adventures.

Nintendo enhanced the original graphics, updating the overall game design. The HD graphics use the latest technology and feature high resolution shadowing and textures reflecting today’s high end technology.



For those unfamiliar with the franchise, this 12thinstallment of the Final Fantasy games takes place in an open-world RPG. Interact with characters and the environment as you journey on your question. You can journey a variety of ways like walking, teleportation, flying an airship, or riding on a Chocobo. The game uses third person perspective. Control the camera with the joystick and jump viewpoints. Earn “gil” to buy necessary items.

Fights are timed and use a combination of Magicks, Technicks, Gambits, and other items. The enemies do not have surprise attacks. Instead they are clearly shown on the map. This allows players to strategically decide when to battle. All members of the party engage in attacks, which happen turn-by-turn. Cast magic using “Mist”.


Zodiac Job System

This newer feature controls character skills and class. Characters can have two classes, mixing popular archetypes like warriors. Over the course of the game your characters evolve and develop new skills. You can reset the skills in the game.

The original Final Fantasy XII, developed by Square Enix, was released in 2006. This new digitally remastered version lives up to the hype and excitement of the original but fully takes advantage of contemporary graphics and gameplay.


Image courtesy InspiredImages from Pixabay