Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America. NBA games are watched by millions of people every year, and the association’s star players such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry have incredible influence over their many fans.

Because of this, all the major basketball shoe makers such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour will partner with NBA players to come up with their own style shoes and other apparel, and they are increasingly setting the market ablaze. Here are three of the most coveted shoes in the basketball market today.


Nike Kyrie 5


Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics is undoubtedly one of the most famous players in the NBA today. He has a signature line with Nike, and his shoe is now in its fifth iteration. As with the other shoes in his line, the

Kyrie 5 also features the All-Seeing Eye, which is a symbol found in the tattoo in the athlete’s left arm. This symbol is said to bring good luck and happiness, which are things that Irving enjoys in his life.

Technology-wise, this shoe has a lot to offer. It has a containment system that is inspired by the Venus Flytrap. As such, the shoe hugs the foot tightly, similar to the carnivorous plant does to its prey. The snugness that this mechanism creates proves to be beneficial to a fast-paced player who relies a lot on rigorous footwork.

For cushioning, this shoe has the Nike Air Zoom Turbo, which is designed to adapt to quick changes in motion and direction. This new and improved technology really complements a quick player like Kyrie Irving so well.


Under Armour Curry 6

Many people say that a player of Stephen Curry’s caliber should be matched with big names like Adidas and Nike. However, his current brand Under Armour is not to be underestimated. Together, they’ve created six major iterations of the Warrior’s signature shoe. The Curry 6 is the most recent version.

This shoe is designed to resemble the form and function of a running shoe. Considering that Stephen Curry himself is estimated to run approximately 2.3 miles in every game that he plays, that’s no mistake.

The Curry 6 has HOVR in its cushioning system. This material allows for maximum energy return and impact absorption, so the wearer’s every step is adequately supported and fueled. Then there is the shoe’s full-length knit upper that provides the wearer with a secure lockdown.

Because of all those features, it is not a surprise that this shoe attracts at least a hundred thousand searches per month in the first quarter of 2019 alone. That’s a lot of interested fans and buyers! Anyone or any business that sells basketball shoes can take advantage of this product’s popularity. Firms features at know how this can be better implemented.


Nike LeBron 16

Basketball wouldn’t be the same as it is today without LeBron James. The King, as he is fondly called by fans, is truly the game’s true reigning monarch. Because of this, products associated with his name are expected not only to be good but also to sell like pancakes.

His most recent shoe with Nike is the LeBron 16, which is loaded with technologies that make the shoe as great as the man that it is named after. Its cushioning system features a clever combination of Max Air and Zoom Air, which are just two of Nike’s most celebrated technologies. The upper is a made of a special material called the Battleknit 2.0, which makes sure that big players like LeBron himself get the support that they need.  


Buying a basketball shoe needs some level of meticulousness. After all, they are a bit pricier than others. This article just helps you to get started with your reviews.