Daniel Huang, co-founder of Mophie, has created the Immotor Go Scooter. The electric scooter is foldable and can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. Focused on redesigning the urban commute, Huang claims that his battery is “indestructible” making it the first of its kind in the world of pedestrian-level transportation.

In a recent Engadget article, author Daniel Cooper calls the Go Scooter a “hip urban commuter.” But in order for the Immotor Go Scooter to have sustainability in the highly competitive electric commuter market, its battery has to live up to the hype.

The biggest issue facing electric commuters: getting the maximum distance on one single charge. If you max out the throttle, you’re worried about draining battery life. If you’re traveling up and over hills, you’re worried about making it to your final destination. If you’ve ever experience a dead battery while riding an electric bike or scooter, there is nothing more frustrating. You are literally powerless until you’re charged up.

From having limited longevity on a single lithium-ion charge to being considered “safety hazards” after habitual use, batteries in electric scooters are just not living up to their promise. In addition, peak performance and eco-friendly commuting scooters are seen as engineering impossibilities. Things have to change.

Two recently launched electric scooters, the Immotor Go and the Gogoro Smartscooter, are poised to change the industry with regard to battery performance. Not only do they both have proprietary features allowing their batteries last longer, there is smart technology in place to control energy use.

The Gogoro Smartscooter, for example, considered a luxury scooter compared to the Go Scooter, has a 95 km/hour max speed and a digital throttle that takes riders 0-50 km/hr in 4.20 seconds. Gogoro has designed the most sophisticated, customizable smart riding experience mostly due to its performance technology. One click of a green button located at the bottom of the throttle engages the scooter’s “smart button.” Once in smart mode, the scooter is automatically adjusted for torque, optimized for power, and dims lights to help you go further and have fun. The smart mode is rather visionary because it not only analyzes riding patterns but more importantly, adjusts the Smartscooter’s power to make your trip smoother, more energy-efficient and comfortable – all while maximizing the time before needing a battery swap. This equates to a 12.5% further travel time compared to leading electric scooters.

Similar to Gogoro’s smart riding experience, the Immotor Go is powered by “proprietary power cells that are controlled by a customized operating system that keeps the cells balanced and regulate efficient power draw,” according to Engadget. The Go has two modes: one for energy efficient traveling and one for max performance. It even has a power assist setting that’ll boost your performance when carrying heavy loads. One of the best features in the Go: there are two slots inside its neck-based battery compartment allowing users to swap out a dead battery for a fully charged 99W cell. With one battery installed, the Immotor Go can travel upwards to 15 km – the rider can essentially double the traveling distance with two batteries ready-to-go.

Outside of battery life, the creators of the Go Scooter claim they have designed an indestructible battery; so much so, they say that the foldable scooter is completely safe to take on a plane. The units are built with a thick metal casing making it extremely difficult for anyone to damage one by accident.

Both the Gogoro Smartscooter and the Immotor Go Scooter come equipped with smart technology that supports energy efficiency. Gogoro’s proprietary IQ System, for example, syncs to your Gogoro App already downloaded to your smart phone, and automatically sets your energy efficiency mode. Feel free to turn it off if you need more boosting power during your trip. Regenerative breaking is yet another feature that helps control reserve energy during longer trips. The Immotor Go Scooter, like previously mentioned, has two power modes with one of them prioritizing range over speed. Immotor’s system has built-in intelligent GPS, device tracking, cruise control and the ability to autonomously follow you around.