Whether your budget is $30 or $250, iReviews has come up with its annual top 5 high-tech holiday shopping list for the lady in your life. From the active outdoorsy type to the lover of smart home devices, this list will surely impress. Whether it’s your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or colleague – if you want to give her a thoughtful gift that won’t be stuffed in a drawer or re-gifted at a Yankee swap, purchase something off this list.

So what makes a great holiday gift, especially for the hard-to-shop-for-woman-who-has-everything? How about something that makes her life easier. That’s the beauty of consumer technology: it usually helps resolve a problem and at the same time, integrates seamlessly into her hectic life. An intuitive smart home device could double as an early morning personal assist or the new set of earbuds could help alleviate stress during morning commutes.

The following list is organized by price (lowest to highest) and all are considered innovative in their respected industries. If you want the “wow” factor this holiday, give the gift that will keep on giving all year around. The process of explaining how each one of these products works is fun in itself.

iReviews Top Five Holiday Tech List:

ALEX Smart Bottle ($33.99)

Standing for “Always Live Extraordinarily,” ALEX is a twist open water bottle that is super easy to clean. Designed to eradicate the nasty smell or the creatures living inside water bottles, ALEX unscrews in the middle for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Holding 26 ounces, ALEX if fully customizable in a variety of colors.
The real magic happens to be ALEX’s Clean Seam Technology (CST). Their patent pending technology makes ALEX the most well-designed water bottle on the market today.

Co-founder and half-pipe snowboard silver medalist Gretchen Bleiler said the inspiration came from, “having to deal with water bottles with small little mouth openings.” Nice Reusables, Inc. was founded on the premise of making sustainability easy. ALEX, their first product launch, was designed to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles. Bleiler, in a Fox News interview, said that she wanted a water bottle that was eco-friendly and at the same time, wanted it to be designed well. “Now you don’t have to fish lemons out with your fingers.”

ALEX is made out of BPA-free premium grade 304 stainless steel. It also has a strap made from recycles plastic bottle. BPA, if you’re not familiar, is a harmful toxin found in certain plastics and epoxy resins used mostly by disposable and reusable water bottle manufacturers. For more details on its harmful effects, click here.

In order to compact ALEX to half its size, the user simply opens, inverts the bottom half, and then slides the bottom into the upper half – seamless process. Nice Reusables thought of everything when designing ALEX. From its BPA-free stainless steel body to its Clean Seam Technology, ALEX solves the water bottle epidemic that has haunted us all: cleaning it.

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Nanoleaf Aurora ($119.99)

Toronto-based Nanoleaf is taking an entirely different approach toward interior lighting by designing a multi-colored smart panel system that fastens together like Jigsaw pieces. Looking more like an illuminated piece of artwork, the Nanoleaf Aurora is group of 9 energy-efficient, flat LED panels that are triangle-shaped and color-adjustable.

According to Nanoleaf’s website, “it’s the perfect product for those who love design, who want to improve the quality of their life, and for those who just want to add some fun and excitement to their living space.” Whether it’s greater energy efficiency or IoT-integration, the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit has a comprehensive list of features that make this the most innovative and futuristic alternative to smart bulbs:

1. Each Aurora Smarter Kit panel can be adjusted independently from the others – all without the need of a separate hub.
2. Aurora panels transmit a ZigBee signal to the Nanoleaf Hub. The entire system connects to any local 2.4 GHz b/g/n wireless router allowing you to control the panels from your phone.
3. If your iPhone is not in reach, Nanoleaf comes with a physical controller that offers on/off and scene toggling when a smartphone or tablet may not be in reach.

Each 2-watt, 100-lumen panel is 8.24” (21 cm) by 9.4” (24 cm), weighs 7.4 oz (210 g), and uses double-sided mounting tape to secure it to open wall space or the ceiling. The only requirement is a flat surface area and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Aurora Smarter Kit comes with 9 panels but if you’re interested in expanding your multi-colored creation, one power supply can support up to 30 LED panels.

Once connected, you can customize colors, adjust for brightness, automate schedules, control temperature, and create lighting animations. According to a recent CNet article, one you sync the panels to the Nanoleaf hub, “you’ll be able to program color-changing lighting effects right from your phone.”

If the woman in your life is interested in an interior lighting display that combines art with technology, then the Aurora is the way to go. The panels also respond to Apple’s Siri or Amazon Alex voice commands, making this a hands-free lighting display whether you want bold, vivid colors or just low-key mood-setting colors during family movie night.

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Smarter iKettle 2.0 ($155.50)

Imagine opening an app on your phone and being able to instantly command your kettle at home to start boiling. Or after programming it the night before, knowing that your kettle is brewing the moment your alarm clock goes off. Hit snooze and your smart kettle knows to maintain a desired temperature range between 68 to 212 degree Fahrenheit (20 to 100 C) for up to 30 minutes.

Appliance maker Smarter created iKettle 2.0. Estimated to shave approximately two days worth of time per year, the iKettle 2.0 is designed to remote brew from anywhere. Whether you want a dark roast or a light roast, green tea or black, the iKettle is capable of setting any temp in one-degree intervals – allowing you to experience the idea coffee temp or the perfect tea steeping time.

With a very classy design made mostly of stainless steel, the second-generation iKettle has a slimmer, more modern look than its predecessor. Still holding the same max volume of water (1.8 liters/60.9 ounces), iKettle can store an impressive boiling capacity. Compared drip coffee makers that max out at 1.3 liters (44 ounces), Smarter is doing its best to ensure that your iKettle never runs out of water.

Whether you’re interested in setting an exact temperature for the next boil or want to receive real-time alerts on your water levels, iKettle 2.0 is truly the smartest appliance you’ll have in your kitchen. Designed to make your mornings as seamless as possible, connecting to the Smart companion app allows users to take advantage of different iKettle features. Home Mode, for example, times your morning boil to your alarm clock while Early Bird mode provides real-time traffic reports – giving you the option of bumping up the boiling time. Whether it’s pinpointing an exact morning coffee temperature or timing the last drop for the exact moment you step out of the shower, iKettle is designed for convenience.

If she’s someone that relies on her morning caffeine drip to get going and time is of the essence, then this is a worthwhile smart gadget. The iOS/Android compatible smart app allows you to customize your hot beverage experience whether it’s commanding the iKettle remotely or programming the gadget to boil after dessert is served and before guests ask for tea.

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HiMirror ($189)

HiMirror is “the world’s first smart beauty mirror” that helps you keep track of your skin’s health. Whether it’s dark circles under the eyes or clogged pores, this mirror uses metrics to monitor changes in your complexion. From skincare tips to analyzing your personal skincare routine, HiMirror uses Big Data to quantitatively keep track of your skincare products and measures their effectiveness compared to your skin’s health.

It even allows you to scan the barcodes of your skincare inventory – providing real-time suggestions for what skin care products to use and the right times to use them. This is the ideal product for someone who consistently asks, “Which skincare products is best for my skin?”

HiMirror’s technology is impressive. Based on the results of the perfect Skin Index Synthesis – a combined assessment of your skin’s Healthiness, Clarity, Firmness, Texture and Brightness, people are able to customize their own personalized skincare plan of attack. From periodic Facial Skin Testing to setting Skin Index Synthesis goals, HiMirror provides you with a comprehensive analysis on your skincare routine. In addition, it’ll give you tips and keep track of skin differences from one day to the next. The more users, the better HiMirror is able to identify products that truly produce results for people with similar skin issues.

The 11 x 16.4-inch mirror uses facial recognition technology and according to its site, “accounts for complexion and ethnic background.” Designed as a companion product to the company’s Smart Body Scale, these two bathroom amenities are the perfect combo for tracking health/beauty. Impervious to spraying water and humidity, this smart device can be hung right in your bathroom.

Using the data obtained in your initial skin assessment, HiMirror is able to track your skin’s day-to-day progression towards your ultimate goal. If anti-aging happens to be your goal, HiMirror will suggest anti-aging creams, masks, and exfoliating rubs that cater to not only your skin type but also your goal of smoothing out your crows feet.

Whether it’s streaming music on Spotify or catching up on the morning news via your favorite Internet Radio channel, HiMirror can certainly keep you informed during your morning routine or prepping for a night on the town.

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Bragi Dash Wireless Earbuds ($249)

Dash is the first “truly wireless earbuds”. Connecting to each other using technology called near-field magnetic induction (NFMI), the smart headphones are completely free from wires. That means you no longer have to untangle your headphones like last year’s holiday lights or get them ripped out of your head mid-treadmill stride.

Connected by Bluetooth technology, the iOS/Android compatible Dash comes with full suite of fitness related programs. Whether it’s tracking your heart rate during a 5K run or tracking breaths while swimming, Bragi’s Activity Tracker doubles as a personal fitness trainer. If you’re a swimmer, surfer, snowboarder or skier this may be the best set of headphones you can buy. Dash is wireless, waterproof, and comes with VersantTM advanced voice technology from Knowles. This allows you to have a hands-free phone conversation whether it’s taking place in blizzard conditions or in a crowded airport.

So why would someone purchase Dash wireless headphones? For one, freeing yourself from wires and exchange it for a hands-free listening experience makes everything more convenient whether you’re at the gym or commuting to work. Secondly, whether it’s outdoor recreation or adventure sports, someone with an active lifestyle can benefit from the ever-growing list of fitness-related applications. With the goal of transforming into your optimal self, Bragi’s Dash can be your personal trainer by tracking performance data. Finally, if a big part of your day consists of listening to music and you want a premium quality sound system, Dash’s bone-induction microphone revolutionizes the acoustic experience.

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