Fully equipped with cutting edge technology that rivals Tesla’s Model S, the Lucid Air luxury electric vehicle (EV) is an automotive marvel. Still, in pre-production and its prototype only half-built, Lucid Motors is hoping for a 2018 release date. With an estimated price tag starting at $100K, the luxury sedan is certainly impressive, to say the least. Capable of traveling 400 miles on one charge, Air’s 600-hp engine can go 0-60 mph in 2.5-seconds.

The standard Air model comes with a 100 kWh battery (the same as Tesla’s Model S) but will offer a 130 kWh option with its advanced performance package. With Samsung SDI as its energy partner, Lucid Motors is focused on engineering a luxury EV far superior to Tesla’s Model S and torque that rivals the gas-powered BMW series 7.

To position itself as the premier luxury EV brand, Lucid Motors solicited the services of former Model S lead engineer Peter Rawlinson and made him CTO. The first order of business: equipping Air with state of the art sensors, cameras, radar, and LIDAR; i.e., develop a semi-autonomous driving vehicle. The plan is to market its well-optimized model to luxury car aficionados, sports enthusiasts, and commuters. To do this effectively, Lucid will have to differentiate itself from Tesla who has a stranglehold on the luxury sedan EV market.

The Lucid Air strikes the perfect balance between luxury and innovation, especially with regard to its interior. From the leather trim and the wood accents to its swooped-back glass roof, Lucid Motors made sure its luxury sedan had an open layout with exposure to the outdoors. Taking advantage of the rear glass lookout, passengers are able to recline the back seats and experience the panoramic view.

Aside from the luxurious aesthetics, Air comes with three HD touch screen displays positioned strategically on the car’s dashboard. From climate control to GPS, everything can be managed through an iPad-sized display that futuristically emerges from the center of the dash. If the passengers in the back aren’t kept busy with the roof glass views, they can recline their seat with their own HD touch screen. From there, they can stream Netflix movies or listen to their Spotify playlist – a full selection of entertainment without compromising the outdoor experience.

Lucid Motors still has a lot of work, production wise, before launching its luxury EV to consumers at the end of 2018. In the time being, Tesla has built its Gigafactory hoping to improve battery power. With 500,000 Model 3 sedans currently in production and a full throttle plan of attack to improve EV range, Lucid is facing some pretty heavy competition in the luxury EV market. With that being said, its pre-production model is rather impressive. It may need to reduce its price to the mid-60K zone to stay competitive with Tesla.

Source: Engadget