iReviews recently published an article entitled, “The Future of Interactive Display Technology,” featuring Lumes – a light-emitting wall panel that turns any space into an LED masterpiece.

Designed mainly to animate retail signage, Lumes is one of many new display technologies expected to revolutionize the industry. Whether it’s Lumes’ interactive panel that will someday respond to sound, touch, and heat or the most recent unveiling of the world’s thinnest flexible display by Royole – the way we interactive with media is about to change drastically.

According to the Royole’s website, the super thin flexible display is lightweight, bendable, shatterproof and energy efficient. With the thickness comparable to onionskin, Royole’s 0.01 mm color display is highly portable. Capable of displaying incredibly vivid colors even in the bent position or after “50K – 100K of bending cycles,” Royole is on the verge of making LCD’s obsolete.”

“Royole’s flexible displays will have profound implications for next generation electronics by enabling brand new form factors and applications.”

Backed by hundreds of intellectual property rights, Royole is way ahead of the game. Not only are they creators of a super-thin, ultra-flexible Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED); but in addition, the technology is integrated with an intuitive mobile phone platform. In other words, they are already finding real-world applications for their nano-display technology.

According to Royole’s website, here are the potential applications:

• Flexible display enabled novel smartphone
• Flexible display enabled fashion design
• Brand new form factors in electronics design
• Wearable electronics
• Automotive industry
• Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Smart Homes

With industry reports predicting, “global printed and flexible electronics markets reaching $330 billion by the year 2027,” it certainly appears Royole’s flexible AMOLED is positioned nicely to get its share. It will enter the marketplace in good company, Lumes’ technology is the welcoming display at Australia’s Cabrini Hospital Pediatrics Ward in Malvern, Victoria – helping to make it a stress-free environment by showcasing animated animals peeking out from behind trees. It will be interesting to see where Royole’s super-thin display ends up.