Apple’s Next Venture: Glucose-Tracking Smartwatch

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  • May 27,2017
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When it comes to divulging smartwatch sales numbers, Apple likes to keep things real secretive. According to a Strategy Analytics – a consumer research firm – Apple has boosted its global wearable market share to 15.9% – surpassing Fitbit as the world’s most popular smartwatch.

Apple: Leader in Wearable Technology

“Fitbit has lost its wearable leadership to Apple, due to slowing demand for its fitness band and a late entry to the emerging smartwatch market, said Cliff Raskind, the Director at Strategic Analytics. “Fitbit’s shipments, revenue, pricing, and profit are all shrinking at the moment and the company has a major fight on its hands to recover this year.”


As the competition becomes fierce and interface technology more and more sophisticated, the Apple Watch 2 still appears on most everyone’s Best Smartwatches of 2017 list. With estimated sales reaching close to $3.5 million in Q1 2017, they certainly deserve the accolades. From its Advanced Activity Tracker to its Nike+ Run Club app, the focus has always been on fitness and it’s starting to pay off. With that being said, building smartwatch technology around health and wellness is not the only contributing factor to Apple’s success:


“The new Apple Watch Series 2 is selling relatively well in the U.S., the U.K., and elsewhere due to enhanced styling, intensive marketing, and a good retail presence,” Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston said.

Apple’s Glucose Monitor

So what could differentiate the Apple Watch 2 even further from the competition? According to a recent CNBC article, CEO Tim Cook has been walking around the Apple corporate campus sporting a smartwatch with an attached glucose monitor – keeping track of his blood sugar levels. With their smartwatch compass always pointed at health, Apple looks at integrating a non-invasive way to check your blood sugar.


With 422 million diagnosed worldwide, diabetes’ global impact is widespread and the methods for testing blood sugar levels still involve penetrating the skin. As CNBC so eloquently stated, integrating a glucose monitor into a smartwatch would be “the holy grail in diabetes.” Tim Cook, upon receiving an honorary Doctorate of Science degree from the University of Glasgow, talked about the challenges those inflicted with diabetes face:


“It’s mentally anguishing to stick yourself many times a day to check your blood sugar. There is a lot of hope out there that if someone has constant knowledge of what they’re eating, they can instantly know what causes the response… and they can adjust well before they become diabetic.”

The Apple Watch 2

As one would expect from an Apple device, the Series 2 smartwatch comes with all of the bells and whistles. From the intuitive Heart Rate Sensor to the full suite of Activity apps, the Apple Watch is the epitome of disruptive wearable technology. Starting with the heart rate sensor and ending with third-party workout apps, here is a list of features that comes with your Apple Watch:

Heart Rate Sensor

Powered by Apple’s Watch OS 3, users have the option of accessing the Heart Rate Sensor either by opening Apple’s Heart Rate app, adding the heart rate complication to the display or by adding the HR app to the dock. Using photoplethysmography technology, the Apple Watch calculates the number of hearts beats each minute by “using green LED lights paired with light-sensitive phototides to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist at any given moment.”

Water Resistant

Whether you’re training for the swim portion of a Triathlon or tracking laps at the local YMCA, the Apple Watch is rated water resistant 50 meters. If you’re concerned about getting the built-in speakers wet, have no fear. Apple engineered a speaker that not only allows water into the chamber but uses sound to push it back out. So feel free to swim, shower, or jump in the hot tub with your Apple Watch.

Workout App

Apple Watch wearers have access to over 12 indoor and outdoor workouts just by uploading the Workout App. Whether it’s swimming, biking, running, or elliptical training, you can customize your workout regimen to the activity-of-choose. To motivate you even further, add up to five metrics to your display so you have instant access to training results.

Activity App

This app works extremely well with Siri – Apple’s digital assistant. When you ask Siri questions around your conditioning like, “How many calories have I burned during my workout?” She retrieves information from your intuitive Activity app that counts your stand, moves and exercise rings. The Apple Rings is a visual way to keep track of your daily activity.


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