You Liked: TCT Show Features Two New RangeVision 3D Scanners

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TCT Show, RangeVision Spectrum

This year’s 2017 TCT Show located Birmingham, UK promises to bring out the best and the brightest in Printing, Additive Manufacturing, and Product Development. Whether it’s visionary manufacturers, disruptive designers, early adopters, or motivated investors, the goal is universally the same: to accelerate 3D technologies.

Infrared 3D scanner

From 3D characters in video games to detailed scans of the human ear, Infrared or “Structured Light” 3D scanning has numerous applications. Using projected light and a camera system to “shoot light on the surface of any object,” Infrared scanners can recreate an object’s surface geometry. The most successful commercial 3D scanners are the one’s […]

With four pods already built and database scans growing at approximately 70% per month, Estonia’s Wolfprint 3D wants to commercialize body scanning. Backed by $500K in crowd funding seed money, Wolfprint hopes its egg-shaped 3D scanning pod called Luna penetrates the virtual reality/augmented reality market that is estimated to reach $120 billion by 2020.

According to a recent Futurism article, Scientists at UMass Amherst are using a new 3D scanner to not only build a catalog of endangered species but also educate others on how to protect these animals. Project Digital Life uses a camera called Beastcam that quickly captures 3D scans of creatures like sharks, geckos, turtles and […]