You Liked: Researchers Build 3D Printed 4-Legged Robot that Walks

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3D Printed 4-Legged Robot

Researchers at the University of California – San Diego have tapped into the powers of 3D printing to create a soft four-legged robot that can walk over difficult terrain. Whether it’s climbing over small rocks or crawling through confined spaces, the tethered robot is “designed to capture sensor readings in dangerous environments.”

Infrared 3D scanner

From 3D characters in video games to detailed scans of the human ear, Infrared or “Structured Light” 3D scanning has numerous applications. Using projected light and a camera system to “shoot light on the surface of any object,” Infrared scanners can recreate an object’s surface geometry. The most successful commercial 3D scanners are the one’s […]

Although 3D printing has become “newest thing” in industrial manufacturing, it has yet to successfully crossover into wearable technology. So leave it to the always-innovative Adidas to find a revolutionary process called Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) to make their already-impressive Futurecraft 3D training sneaker all the more amazing. With the hopes of producing 100,000 of […]

Whether it’s building a skyscraper in Dubai or tissue engineering a prosthetic ear in Australia, 3D printing has been driving innovation across countless sectors. From the architects at Cazza Construction retrofitting a crane with 3D printing technology to researchers at Queensland University bioprinting cartilage, the ability to create precise 3D model prototypes in a matter […]

Already being used in China to mass produce apartment complexes, 3D printing technology is changing the way people think about housing and construction. Taking up few thousand feet, Dubai – with the help of Cazza Construction – unveiled its plans to “build the world’s first 3D printed skyscraper.”

With a steady uptick in global carbon emissions and the potential for climate refugees displaced due to rising water levels, there’s a rather urgent need for alternative living arrangements. That means a new-age method of construction that can mass produce buildings compatible in non-traditional locations – like on the water, in the desert, above skyscrapers […]

With four pods already built and database scans growing at approximately 70% per month, Estonia’s Wolfprint 3D wants to commercialize body scanning. Backed by $500K in crowd funding seed money, Wolfprint hopes its egg-shaped 3D scanning pod called Luna penetrates the virtual reality/augmented reality market that is estimated to reach $120 billion by 2020.

Queensland University of Technology’s Biofabrication and Tissue Morphology Group will be at the forefront of 3D tissue printing technology. According to Associate Professor Mia Woodruff, 3D tissue printing is “the difference between life and death for people waiting for an organ donor.”

According to a recent Futurism article, Scientists at UMass Amherst are using a new 3D scanner to not only build a catalog of endangered species but also educate others on how to protect these animals. Project Digital Life uses a camera called Beastcam that quickly captures 3D scans of creatures like sharks, geckos, turtles and […]

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