You Liked: Microsoft HoloLens AR Revolutionizing Cabin Service

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HoloLens AR Revolutionizing Cabin Service

This world is starting to get really interesting – and we have virtual, augmented, and mixed reality to thank for it. Over the next few years, we’re going to see an entire class of The Best Augmented Reality Glasses hitting the consumer marketplace. The Microsoft HoloLens, although their Development Edition is in the hands of […]

Google's Owlchemy Labs Acquisition

Google’s recent acquisition of Owlchemy Labs is more than just a business transaction. It represents the emergence of Virtual Reality technology in the consumer marketplace. With popular VR platforms that include Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality and Job Simulator, the VR studio Owlchemy has quite the impressive resume. Google has obviously taken notice.

High-Res Shape-Shifting Fog Screen

Researchers at the University of Sussex have created a revolutionary fog screen capable of projecting free-floating interactive 3D holograms. Using a shape-shifting fog screen called MistForm, researchers found a way to interact with high-resolution 3D objects without compromising visual quality. This is a truly groundbreaking discovery mostly because fog screens are notorious for pixels bleeding, […]

Microsoft HoloLens Revolutionizing Home Mobility

In the world of home mobility, ThyssenKrupp Elevator has a stranglehold on the global marketplace with sales reaching 7.5 billion euros during the 2015/2016 fiscal year. To differentiate itself, ThyssenKrupp always finds a way to incorporate the most disruptive technology into its growth plan. The latest: a partnership with Microsoft HoloLens – the first self-contained, […]

Whether it’s the Microsoft HoloLens, Sony SmartEyeglasses, Meta 2 or the Atheer Air Glasses, the world is starting to embrace the idea of augmented reality technology. AR allows users to engage with digital content in the most immersive way imaginable. From field-of-vision (FoV) to 3D gesture-controlled interaction, Augmented Reality is a versatile platform designed to […]

Augmented Reality (AR) allows users to engage with digital content in the most immersive way imaginable. From improved field-of-vision to 3D gesture-controlled interaction, AR technology has grown by leaps and bounds and is quite a versatile platform. AR’s potential is limited only by developers’ imagination, which according to a recent Press Release by San Francisco-based […]

If you ever wanted to “experience” space but don’t have the $250,000 to secure your spot on Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity’s spacecraft, then you might want to try the next-best-thing: Virtual Reality. Oculus Touch has partnered with NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency to develop a VR simulation that educates users […]

The tech world is asking, “What’s the next big thing?” With the Augmented Reality (AR) industry estimated to reach $90 billion in 2020, the answer seems pretty crystal clear. No matter what sector you look at (business, education, healthcare, IT, etc.), the innovation compass is pointing directly at Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and […]

Two French designers, Phillippe Starck and Jerome Olivet, have an entirely new spin on the 21st-century smartphone. Considered to be the perfect mix between holographic technology and voice-recognition, the Alo smartphone has a “gelatinous, translucent and elongated case designed to fit naturally in the hand,” according to Dezeen.

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