You Liked: Finney: A New Smartphone For the Blockchain Revolution

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Finney, Sirin Labs, smartphone, blockchain, cryptocurrency

Sirin Labs is known for creating the $14,000 Solarin smartphone. The super-secure mobile is one of the world’s most expensive. Now, the company announced another smartphone, called Finney, that costs $1,800. Sirin Labs also revealed an all-in-one PC for the “blockchain generation” and the “crypto crowd.” Sirin Labs CMO Nimrod May says, “This particular line […]

Blockchain Startup Winding Tree Aims to Revolutionize the Travel Industry

We’re in the middle of vast disruption across many industries. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the main ingredients to many of these changes. And yet, somehow, one industry has managed to remain rigid in the face of revolution – the travel industry. It is not due to lack of effort, though. Many startups have tried their luck. […]

The Basics of Blockchain

Blockchain is revolutionizing many industries. It is becoming more important to understand what blockchain is, how it works, and what its ramifications are. Below, we’ve simplified the concept and history behind blockchain for you. What Is Blockchain, and Where Did It Come From? Functionally speaking, a blockchain is a shared public digital ledger of transactions. […]