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Here’s a handy infographic put together by, providing insights into Facebook’s new delve into cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrency is exploding in popularity this year. Not long after an acclaimed Bitcoin trader proclaimed that the flagship cryptocurrency would skyrocket in value, the global crypto market reached a value of $180 billion. While the pandemonium has tapered off (Bitcoin’s value has been a bit of a roller coaster in recent weeks), that hasn’t stopped […]

Bitcoin trader predicts 15000 2017

We recommend at least a basic understanding of cryptocurrency before you dive into this article about the Bitcoin price predictions. Take a look at the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency. If this gets you excited to trade cryptocurrency, check out our reviews of several popular exchanges to help you make a better investment decision. A year ago, the price of Bitcoin […]

Cryptocurrencies pension fund

Cryptocurrencies are characterized by volatility. The most popular currency, Bitcoin, regularly hovers around a $3000 value these days. It was less than a cent in 2010. $100 in Bitcoin in 2010 would be around $100 million today. Bitcoin Cash is a currency created from splitting the Bitcoin blockchain on August 1. It lost half its value within the […]

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The Bitcoin blockchain has been split in two. After many debates and rumors about what could be done to solve several issues with the cryptocurrency, it was agreed that a split of the Bitcoin blockchain would occur to tackle scalability issues. This split resulted in two Bitcoin currencies, each with its own blockchain now: Bitcoin […]

Litecoin contender cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have grown tremendously in popularity during 2017. Bitcoin remains the flagship currency. But an altcoin named Litecoin appears to have great potential to take the title of most popular cryptocurrency from Bitcoin. Referred to as the “Silver Bitcoin,” Litecoin has a number or traits that give it an advantage over the current crypto market […]

What It Is, Its Mysterious History, and Its Uncertain Future

Cryptocurrency has seized the attention of the world. Most people know it is basically “digital money.” Beyond that, the majority of people do not even have an elementary understanding of exactly what this “digital money” is. But that hasn’t stopped everybody from talking about it. Practically every major financial institution, tech company, and government has […]