You Liked: GM Releases New Electric Car in China That Costs $5,300

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gm electric car

Sure, Tesla’s Model 3 costs $35,000. And Lightyear is making a solar-powered electric car. The list of advances in electric cars grows exponentially every day. But none of them have what General Motors (GM) just released in China — the Baojun E100, a $5,300 electric car.   Baojun E100 Release Together with SAIC Motor and […]

Tesla, Model 3

Electric vehicles and transportation, in general, are advancing rapidly. Major automakers are now participating in what was once considered an obscure niche in the automobile market. Last week, Tesla released its latest electric vehicle, the Model 3. Many believe this new car will usher in the era of mainstream electric vehicles. But others harbor doubts about […]

Audi Will Become First German Car Maker to Race in Formula E

It’s official: Audi has taken over ABT Sportsline’s slot in Formula E for season 4. This factory commitment solidifies the brand’s spot as the first German auto maker to race in the famous electric vehicle racing series. This is not a surprising move when considering Audi’s and ABT Sportsline’s history together. The car company, famous […]

An Electric Car Powered by Solar Energy

The electric car is much better for our planet than its gas-guzzling counterpart. But charging stations are few and far between. Lightyear, a new automobile company, aims to solve this dilemma with a solar-powered electric car.   Science Fiction Became Science Fact… With Some Flaws The electric car was nonexistent just a few years ago. […]

Aston Martin EV Concept

With BMW, Jaguar, and Tesla unveiling their latest electric vehicle prototypes, there’s really no shortage of high-performance EV’s hitting the market over the next year. Even some of the Best Electric Cars of 2017 have impressive horsepower numbers (Telsa’s Model 3) while still maintaining a 200+ range on a single charge. They strike the perfect […]

EV infrastructure issues

The movement away from combustible engines is in full effect and every major auto manufacturer has either built or is in the process of developing their own electric vehicle. On the heels of Tesla’s global success with its Model S, Model X, or its brand new Model 3 series. With that being said, there is […]

Wireless Charging Roads

Backed by a $120,000 grant courtesy of Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, ElectRoad – a company dedicated to the widespread implementation electric bus transportation – has earned the chance to showcase its “inductive-charging” technology on the streets of Tel Aviv in 2018. Using inverters and strategically placed copper plates, ElectRoad’s “under-the-pavement” technology keeps […]

Audi e-tron Sportback

With the official unveiling already taking place on April 18th at the Auto Shanghai 2017, Audi’s all-new e-tron Sportback concept is throwing the German automaker into the high-performance electric luxury arena with the likes of Tesla’s Model X.


The Place: The New York Auto Show The Car: The Lucid Air luxury electric car The end result: Lucid Air is being called, “The Tesla-Killer!” California-based Lucid Motors has unveiled its fully-loaded $100K revolutionary Air luxury electric car. When Lucid transitions from prototype to a luxury sedan, it will join an impressive list of top […]

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