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Crowdfunding word map

A few short years ago, paying for a nonexistent product would have been unthinkable, but this practice has become commonplace with the advent of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Buying from Kickstarter or Indiegogo may feel just like buying from a regular store, but despite the rise in these sites’ popularity, this type of […]

Here’s a handy infographic put together by, providing insights into Facebook’s new delve into cryptocurrency.

Finney, Sirin Labs, smartphone, blockchain, cryptocurrency

Sirin Labs is known for creating the $14,000 Solarin smartphone. The super-secure mobile is one of the world’s most expensive. Now, the company announced another smartphone, called Finney, that costs $1,800. Sirin Labs also revealed an all-in-one PC for the “blockchain generation” and the “crypto crowd.” Sirin Labs CMO Nimrod May says, “This particular line […]

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Cryptocurrency is exploding in popularity this year. Not long after an acclaimed Bitcoin trader proclaimed that the flagship cryptocurrency would skyrocket in value, the global crypto market reached a value of $180 billion. While the pandemonium has tapered off (Bitcoin’s value has been a bit of a roller coaster in recent weeks), that hasn’t stopped […]

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing. Besides improving everyday activities like mowing your lawn, AI also has great potential to disrupt the healthcare industry. We’ve seen Artefact Group’s mobile clinics and Forward’s answer to a doctor’s office. Now, we’ll take a look at This startup wants to use AI and Blockchain to revolutionize conversations in health care. […]

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Bitcoin is revolutionizing technology and our entire world. A company beamed bitcoin blockchains from space. Another is launching a Visa debit card using bitcoin, ethereum, and other altcoins for real-world transactions. It raised $80 million in 7 minutes. Filecoin, another altcoin, had an ICO in July and raised $200 million in less than an hour. […]

Blockchain Startup Winding Tree Aims to Revolutionize the Travel Industry

We’re in the middle of vast disruption across many industries. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the main ingredients to many of these changes. And yet, somehow, one industry has managed to remain rigid in the face of revolution – the travel industry. It is not due to lack of effort, though. Many startups have tried their luck. […]

Bitcoin blockchain space blockstream

If you’ve been following our blockchain and cryptocurrency series and reviews, you probably know how fast-paced everything can get. With Filecoin and TenX’s record-breaking ICOs, the world is seeing cryptocurrency and its technology grow in novel ways. A leader in blockchain and financial cryptography, Blockstream, recently pushed the boundaries of this new and growing field. The company […]

TenX 80 million ico cryptocurrency debit

Initial coin offerings are shattering records these days. Filecoin just set a new record for ICOs by fundraising almost $200 million in less than one hour. And TenX, a company that developed a debit card that converts cryptocurrency to fiat currency, raised $80 million in less than seven minutes. TenX’s 4,000+ backers, like other ICOs, […]