You Liked: Synthetic Muscle Brings Lifelike Robots Closer to Reality

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 Artificial intelligence (AI) has made headlines nearly every day this year. Jaguar wants AI not behind the steering wheel, but in it. LG is working on a smart mower robot for your lawn. And Microsoft recently revealed Brainwave, their solution for real-time AI. But now, Columbia University researchers are figuring out how to enable robots […]

robots safety black boxes

From robotic security guards to self-driving cars to cyborg nannies, the era of machines living amongst humans has taken a giant leap forward. As with any new technology, whether it’s driven by artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms, there’s a pretty steep learning curve and manufacturers usually have to “work out the kinks” before the […]

walmart robots unhappy customers checkout

Recently, we’ve written about robots that study your family’s patterns, compose music, and even fight crime. But how about robots that want to ensure your Walmart shopping experience was great? Walmart wants to make sure you’re happy when you’re shopping in their store. They’re developing facial recognition technology that detects unhappy or frustrated customers. The […]

This Robot Can Follow Spoken Instructions

Researchers unveiled a robot that can follow human instructions at the 2017 Robotics: Science and Systems conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Three Brown University students and postdoctoral researcher Lawson L.S. Wong created a robot that understands humans’ natural language commands. The robot began as an undergraduate project by Dilip Arumugam and Siddharth Karamcheti. Now, Arumugam is […]

delivery robots 5 states

Maybe you’re one of the lucky people living in a U.S. state that approved delivery robots to get you that Chinese food you’re craving or that care package from your friend living a couple of blocks away. Five U.S. states recently approved using these types of delivery robots: Wisconsin, Idaho, Virginia, Florida, and now Ohio. […]

Music Robot That Composes And Plays

What do you call something with four arms, eight sticks, and no heart? A music robot named Shimon! The two masterminds behind Shimon are Ph.D student Mason Bretan and the director of Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, Gill Weinberg. In 2004, Weinberg started work on robot musicians. He released his first version of Shimon […]

Robots Coming to Rail Stations in Japan

Robots are all over the news these days. Some of them make our lives easier by automating our lives, and others make our lives more difficult by threatening to take our jobs. Japan Railways, Japan’s largest train company, heard the complaints of customers who use their terminals. In fact, they think robots are the perfect […]

Motorized precision video recording

Even though they are only a team of four, Motorized Precision is making a huge impression for those in the recording video industry. You have probably already seen their work. Movie-goers caught their credits at the end of Thor, and Microsoft used their robot for the new Surface Studio reveal. The Portland, Oregon-based motion control […]

Disney Study Makes Kid-Robot Bond More Realistic

Disney is set out to make kid-robot interactions more realistic. Predicting that someday our children will be raised by robots, the entertainment giant created a three-part storytelling study analyzing the interactions with a robot named Piper. In a world where some of the Best Smart Toys use state-of-the-art machine learning technology to engage our children, […]