You Liked: UC Berkeley’s DexNet Robot: The Future of Automation

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UC Berkeley's DexNet Robot

Commercialized robots, whether they’re being used in Amazon shipping warehouses or Tesla giga-factories, still have trouble picking up irregularly shaped objects. Robotic arms are typically relegated to moving cargo of similar size and have yet to require the skills to pick up oddly-shaped objects like shoes, open boxes, furniture, or recreational equipment. Until now, that […]

The era of food automation is upon us and Silicon Valley startups are taking notice. The latest unveiling: Sally the Salad Robot. Capable of making 1,000 different salads in about 60 seconds using 21 different ingredients, Sally is the product of robotics startup Chowbotics. With a mission to provide healthy eating options to busy professionals […]

From building the world’s first 3D printed skyscraper in Dubai to the Dutch’s revolutionary plastic road made up of recyclable materials, the construction industry has certainly evolved over the past year. The newest innovation: The SAM100 – an on-site bricklaying robot capable of laying close to 3,000 bricks per day.

The 2 a.m. convenience store drop-in for late night snacks may be changing before our eyes: No lines. No checkout. No Cashier. Just simply open up an app, scan the barcode of your Snickers Bar and Big Gulp, and walk right out the store. Your credit card gets instantly charged and you have a seamless […]

Whether it’s Flippy – the robotic cook designed by Miso Robotics in Pasadena, California or Gordon – the Café X robotic barista in San Francisco – the hospitality industry is starting to incorporate computer vision and deep learning into their operations. The end result: reduced costs and improved quality assurance.

According to a recent Grandview Research Study, the physical security market is expected to reach $110 billion in annual revenue by 2020. Whether it’s a high-tech corporate park, data center, school, or shopping center, there’s a growing need to support security teams responsible for keeping a watchful eye on every inch of the property being […]

Cassie Robots, Robotics, OSU, Agility Robotics

We have robots that can clean windows, deliver groceries, mow our lawns, fold our laundry and take care of our children – but engineers have yet to create a fully functional walking robot. Until now, that is. Introducing “Cassie” – the bipedal machine designed by Agility Robotics – a startup out of Oregon State University.

There is an explosion of cargo robots throughout Europe. According to a recent iReviews article, carriers like the Starship delivery bot have encountered over 2.8 million people, covered 14,500 miles, and have completed hundreds of trips in England, Germany, and Switzerland. With a focus on revolutionizing urban transportation, Piaggio – the Italian company that brought […]

Cafe X, Robotic Cafe,

Just imagine this scenario: you wake up, log into your smartphone app, order a medium Americano with milk, whip down to the local café on the way to work, punch in your four-digit code, and a robot brews the perfect morning cup of coffee without skipping a beat in your morning routine. Café X – […]