You Liked: Jia-Jia: The Future of Cyborg Labor in China

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Whether it’s a crime-fighting android in Dubai or the public defender robot in Australia, artificial intelligence is beginning to evolve and find its home inside humanoids across the globe. The most recent innovation in robotics comes from Shanghai. Jia-Jia is a life-like, super-intuitive humanoid created by a team of engineers at the University of Science […]

iReviews’ Top 5 Disruptive Social Robots Deep learning robots, whether it’s Rokid’s Melody or JIBO, are designed to understand your family’s habits and preferences. Through consistent two-way engagement with each individual family member, the social companions are able to pinpoint specific content and lifestyle patterns. Simply put, they become smarter with more human interaction. This […]

On the heels of a recent iReviews article featuring artificial intelligence and its impact on healthcare, Futurism published “Need Legal Help? Give This Robot Lawyer a Try” – an article showcasing the future of AI in Australian courts.

Dubai police showed off their newest crime fighter at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) and it just so happens to be an android. Able to shake hands and salute, Dubai’s Robocop can scan faces and spot people from 10 to 20 meters away.

AI humanoid

The Verge published an online article on October 10th entitled, “These are three of the biggest problems facing today’s AI,” where author James Vincent interviewed three influencers in the field of robotics on the future of Artificial Intelligence. There seems to be a rather resounding consensus amongst the experts: AI has yet to be perfected […]

Toyota Kirobe in palm

Whether it’s Japan’s Kirobe or the United States’ JIBO, social robots are hitting the tech world by storm. Using open source programming to fuel creativity, robotic engineers seem to be racing the clock to launch their version. This begs the question: why the sudden movement towards companion robots? Is technological innovation dictating the newfound obsession […]

Educational robot

Whether it’s AvatarMind’s iPal – the child-sized robot built “mainly for companionship,” or UBTECH’s gesturing Alpha 2 – a robot designed specifically to “simplify life for your family,” crowd funding and startups alike have seen a recent uptick in humanoid robots. These robots do it all: sing, dance, play games, connect to social media, speak […]