You Liked: U.S. and Russian Scientists Make Hydrogen Fuel With Light and Fats

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Solar energy steals most of the spotlight these days when it comes to renewable energy. But hydrogen fuel has always remained a promising candidate for a green energy source. Hydrogen never hit its stride like solar did; it never became exponentially easier or cheaper to produce and distribute over time. But U.S. and Russian scientists […]

california, renewable

The Golden State may be getting a little greener. The state Assembly of California will likely be voting on Senate Bill 100. The bill calls for incremental steps towards a completely clean grid by 2045 through 100% renewable energy generation. California is already ahead of the majority of the United States in terms of renewable […]

Sustainable School in Copenhagen

Whether it’s Dubai’s 1,378-foot self-sustaining Da Vinci tower or Harvard Engineer Jeff Wilson’s 352-square foot Kasita Home, the world is beginning to embrace the green construction industry. From eco-friendly architectural firms to robotic brick layers to recyclable building materials, wasteful construction sites and energy-sucking skyscrapers are being replaced by fully sustainable structures. Case and point: […]

China, solar energy, goal, 2020, 2017, China's solar energy goal

Between an electric car powered by only solar energy and South Miami mandating solar panels on all new homes, 2017 is one of solar’s best years yet. And China just added their name to this year’s solar achievements by shattering their 2020 solar power target. In fact, the nation already more than doubled their 2020 target […]

MIT Breaks Nuclear Fusion Record and Improves It by Ten Fold

Solar energy has been the attention-grabber in the crowded field of alternative energy for the last few years. But researchers at MIT and several other institutions discovered a new way to make plasma fuel hot enough to generate nuclear fusion power. What is Nuclear Fusion? Nuclear fusion is the process used by the Sun and other […]

Green Tech Media's 2017 Solar Capacity Outlook

According to the latest edition of the Global Solar Demand Monitor authored by Green Tech Media (GTM), the global capacity of solar power will likely reach 871 gigawatts by the year 2022 – more than double today’s nuclear capacity. The outlook is rather promising for solar capacity – with GTM estimated close to 390 gigawatts […]

Build Solar Unveils Its Glass Block Energy Technology

Led by entrepreneur and solar scientist Dr. Hasan Baig and world leading renewable energy scientist Professor Tapas Mallick, a team of researchers at the University of Exeter have developed an opaque glass block that harnesses solar energy. According to Build Solar, the company responsible for bringing the Solar Squared technology to market, “Buildings consume more […]

Solar Power Now Required on New Homes

South Miami becomes the first Florida city—and the only city outside of California—to require solar panels on homes. The law affects those building new homes and those renovating their current home. The push came from a 16-year-old high school student in early 2016. Delaney Reynolds mailed several mayors in Florida asking them to require citizens […]

physee solar panel windows

When most people think of a solar panel, they think of large modules with bulky electrical equipment. While solar panels can save a house or smaller commercial building a lot of money, bigger buildings, like New York City’s iconic skyscrapers, don’t receive the same cost-benefit ratio as their smaller counterparts. But thankfully, there is a […]