You Liked: Finnish Scientists Make Food Using Electricity Seemingly out of Thin Air

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food using electricity

Researchers based in Finland created food using electricity, water, carbon dioxide, and microbes. The synthetic food was cooked up as part of a larger project, called Food From Electricity. The project is a collaboration between Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. This innovative process can create food anywhere […]

tertill solar powered weeding robot

From the creator of the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, Franklin Robotics has designed a solar powered device that takes the frustration out of manually weeding your home garden. Let’s face it – no one enjoys the labor intensive process of weeding a garden, even if you do have a green thumb. But that’s why Tertill […]

Imagine for just a second that you’re a Farmer and it’s harvest season – the busiest, most labor intensive part of the year. But instead of waking up at the crack of dawn anticipating a day of back-breaking work in the fields, you instead pull open your laptop and monitor your fleet of autonomous tractors […]

Two Swedish architects, Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum, have designed a multi-tiered indoor garden pavilion called ‘Growroom’ while working for Space10 – Ikea’s product development lab that explores sustainable urban living concepts. Capable of growing enough food for an entire neighborhood in one harvest, Space10’s Growroom is part of an ever-increasing list of successful eco-friendly […]

Whether it’s the Ecopolis Lilypad designed to accommodate 50,000 future ecological refugees or Waternest 100 – the eco-friendly floating home powered by solar panels, European architects are revolutionizing the green construction industry. The goal is rather simple: to slow down climate change, reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce our carbon footprint with alternative living solutions.