You Liked: Meet iEAT: This Pocket-Sized Food Allergen Detector Could Save Your Life

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iEAT, allergen

If you have food allergies, you know what a terrifying gamble it can be when you go to a restaurant. An allergen like peanuts, eggs, or nuts can be enough to ruin your day if you ingest just a little. For people that have severe allergies, ingesting just a little can be serious enough to […]

MasSpec Pen, Cancer

It’s difficult enough undergoing surgery while being diagnosed with cancer. Now imagine finding out after going under the knife, the surgeon wasn’t able to remove all of the cancer. Back to the drawing board. Just devastating on so many levels. Scientists and engineers at The University of Texas at Austin are doing their best to […]

Medical Camera, Edinburgh

Published in the journal Biomedical Optics Express, scientists at the University of Edinburgh and Heroit-Watt University have developed a light-detecting medical camera capable of seeing through the body. Designed to help physicians locate instruments like endoscopes while traversing inside a patient’s body, the camera prototype is well beyond the current technology.

Smart Rescue Kits

According to the American Red Cross, Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) could save up to 50,000 lives each year. It also suggests that Americans should always be within four minutes from an AED and someone trained to use it. So what makes AEDs so groundbreaking in First Aid? They’re easily accessible, simple to use, and highly […]

forward, medical

Disruption is permeating all industries, and the healthcare field is no exception. A man recently underwent 3D printed skull implant surgery. Scientists are working on making food from thin air and electricity. Nima’s portable sensor lets you analyze food on the go. Forward, a new company backed by many Silicon Valley veterans, is rethinking the […]

Bosch, X-Spect scanner, food, fabric, textile, portable

If you track your gluten intake, you probably already know about the Nima Portable Food Sensor. It works to measure gluten amounts in your food when you place a sample of your meal into its testing canister. Bosch’s X-Spect scanner is a similar tool; you can measure your food’s freshness in addition to recognizing cloth […]

Self-Driving AI Clinic

Depending upon where you’re located in the U.S., the ability to access affordable outpatient healthcare is becoming increasingly more challenging. Whether it’s limited clinician availability, expensive insurance premiums, or simply remote locations too difficult for some to access, there needs to be an easier way to provide patients with basic healthcare.

Wearable Technology has seen its fair share of disruptive innovation over the past year. Whether it’s Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech Shirt that measures performance during workouts or the Bluetooth-enabled GPS navigating Lechal Mach Insoles, the ability to seamlessly thread sensors into the fabric of garments has completely revolutionized the wearables industry.

Already crowned a finalist in Qualcomm’s new XPRIZE competition, Cloud DX is poised to revolutionize personal medical care with its tricorder diagnostic device. Cloud DX, short for Cloud Diagnostics, uses giant magnetic resistance technology to measure almost any disease or condition for just a few dollars and 15 minutes of the user’s time.