You Liked: The Benefits and Risks of Switching from 4G to 5G

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5G technology is supposed to improve the bandwidth, speed, and reach, thus skyrocketing mobile connectivity to never before seen heights. And it’s far beyond its conception phase. This year, we’ll see the first major network operators launch and implement 5G for the first time. In the following five years, 1.5 billion of us will make […]

Smart Toys Pose Cyber Security Risk

The cyber security nightmare continues and it has a new target: connected smart toys. Whether it’s the Anki Cozmo, Robo Wunderkind, Lego Boost or the Sphere 2.0 – an entirely new class of revolutionary smart toys are hitting the consumer marketplace. As much as these toys provide an entirely new way to engage children in […]

VPN Service Providers

We’ve all had the experience of shopping online for say a new pair of shoes, closed out our internet search, and while scrolling through our Facebook news feed – see the exact pair of dress shoes reappear in a targeted advertisement. The Zappos ad follows you from one web page to the next. If you’re […]