You Liked: Smart Glove Translates American Sign Language (ASL)

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smart glove translates asl

Whether it’s MIT’s sweat-detecting workout apparel or Levi’s high-tech jacket that controls smart devices, the wearables industry is starting to get super innovative. The latest head-turning discovery comes out of University of California – San Diego and it’s downright fascinating. Called “The Language of Glove” – UC engineers were able to design a smart glove […]

One2One by Lingmo

Powered by IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Australian start-up Lingmo International has created the first ever translation piece that doesn’t require Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. Called the Translate One2One, this intuitive earpiece can decipher another language in 3-5 seconds. With a pair of revolutionary translation devices set to hit the market in 2017 (ili […]