You Liked: Pedestrian Crosswalks Just Got a Serious Upgrade

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Starling Crossing, Pedestrian Safety, Umbrellium

Using the principles of Stigmergy (similar to the pheromone trail ants leave behind to attract other ants toward the best food source path), Umbrellium created a responsive road surface that configures itself in real time to ensure optimal pedestrian, vehicle, and cyclist safety.

Honda, Electric Motorcycle, Honda Riding Assist-e

By releasing the images of its all-new Riding Assist-e self-balancing electric motorcycle, Honda has reaffirmed its vision of “enjoying the freedom of mobility” and “a carbon-free society.” At the 45th Tokyo Motor Show taking place on October 25th, Honda will give everyone a glimpse of its revolutionary self-balancing electric motorcycle.

Triton Submarines, Aston Martin, Neptune Project

Codenamed Project Neptune, Aston Martin is expanding its luxury line beyond high-performance sports cars and electric vehicles. The innovative automaker is collaborating with Triton Submarine, LLC to launch its first ever submersible vessel. As one would expect from Aston Martin, the three-person 1650/3 LP yellow pre-production model has been upgraded to a super-sleek, silver-bodied, aerodynamic […]

BMW, Electric Vehicle, EV

BMW has done what no other car manufacturer has been able to do: engineer a wireless charging station for one of its electric vehicles. Designed for its BMW 5 Series iPerformance EV, the oversized charging pad connects to a 220-volt outlet and is capable of charging the 530e hybrid in 3.5 hours without a cable. […]

tacita, electric, motorcycle

We recently looked at an innovative smart motorcycle helmet to improve safety, group rides, and navigation for motorcyclists. As transportation continues delving into smarter energy utilization, motorcycle technology is experiencing a huge boom. Recently, Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Tacita announced plans to expand its lineup. The company plans to reveal the new model at the […]

Continental, Tires, ContiSense, ContiAdapt

Vehicles are becoming more sophisticated so shouldn’t tires follow suit? Some would argue that tires are the most important safety feature on a car. From hugging a tight corner during a rainstorm to gripping the road while the brakes are being slammed, it’s important for the driver to know the condition of their wheels at […]

nissan, leaf, 2018

2017 has been a crazy year in the auto industry. Toyota patented a cloaking device. GM debuted their new $5,300 car in China. Tesla, the usual spotlight stealer, released its Model 3 along with plans to ramp up production of the new electric car. But 2018 is shaping up to be just as wild. Nissan recently […]

Jaguar, future, concepts, prototypes, future-type

Everyone knows of Tesla’s renewable energy smart car line, but Jaguar’s focus is on a different concept totally. The 2017 Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest featured three new concept vehicles: E-Type Zero, I-PACE Concept, and the Future-Type. The company also showcased a device called “Sayer,” which is an AI personal assistant steering wheel. The wheel acts as a key […]

China fossil fuel ban

China has joined both France and the U.K. in the quest to completely do away with the sale of combustible-engine vehicles. Without a specific date locked in as to when it would stop sales, the world’s largest automaker (28.03 million vehicles sold last year) is focused on cleaning up its environment by welcoming zero-emissions electric […]