You Liked: Bone Conduction Ring Turns Your Finger into a Smartphone

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orii bone conduction ring

Whether it’s the Batband headphones, the Zungle Panther shades, or the Marlin swim meter, bone conduction technology can be found in a wide variety of connected devices. By sending vibrations to the inner ear, bone conduction technology is able to drown out ambient noise creating a distraction-free listening experience. Knowing the countless benefits of bone […]

smart glove translates asl

Whether it’s MIT’s sweat-detecting workout apparel or Levi’s high-tech jacket that controls smart devices, the wearables industry is starting to get super innovative. The latest head-turning discovery comes out of University of California – San Diego and it’s downright fascinating. Called “The Language of Glove” – UC engineers were able to design a smart glove […]

Atacama sweatproof activewear technology

With MIT researchers designing a moisture-responsive fabric made from live cells and a world-renown company like Polo incorporating heart rate monitors into their high-tech shirts, fitness apparel is on the verge of a major revolution. Joining the party is San Francisco-based Atacama – properly named after the Desert in Northern Chile – is also making […]

New Shock Therapy Headband Treats Depression

If you didn’t already know, South Korea has a major suicide epidemic on their hands. Holding the top spot for the highest suicide rate amongst developed countries for the past 11 years, South Korea is turning toward health-related consumer technology to help remedy their mental health crisis.

One2One by Lingmo

Powered by IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Australian start-up Lingmo International has created the first ever translation piece that doesn’t require Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. Called the Translate One2One, this intuitive earpiece can decipher another language in 3-5 seconds. With a pair of revolutionary translation devices set to hit the market in 2017 (ili […]

Sana Sleep Goggles

Whether it’s the Sense by Hello, the Gravity blanket, the ZEEQ Smart Pillow, or Kello Labs’ smart alarm clock, tech startups have begun designing prototypes focused on improving everyone’s sleeping patterns. The latest: Sana Health’s smart sleep goggles. With a promise of a restful night’s sleep after ten minutes, Sana’s state-of-the-art device uses audio-visual stimulation […]

Glucose-Tracking Smartwatch

When it comes to divulging smartwatch sales numbers, Apple likes to keep things real secretive. According to a Strategy Analytics – a consumer research firm – Apple has boosted its global wearable market share to 15.9% – surpassing Fitbit as the world’s most popular smartwatch.

Sweat-Detecting Workout Apparel

Imagine if your favorite workout gear, whether that be a set of New Balance running kicks or an Under Armour tank top, was smart enough to detect sweat during a workout. Or better yet, imagine if your clothes had ventilation flaps that opened up as soon as it sensed heat coming off your body. Now […]

Orbiting Smartwatch

On the heels of iReviews publishing its Best Smartwatches of 2017 list, Dartmouth College researchers have unveiled a revolutionary watch face prototype called Cito. Capable of moving in five different directions, Cito rotates, hinges, translates, and orbits.

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