You Liked: Apple’s Next Venture: Glucose-Tracking Smartwatch

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Glucose-Tracking Smartwatch

When it comes to divulging smartwatch sales numbers, Apple likes to keep things real secretive. According to a Strategy Analytics – a consumer research firm – Apple has boosted its global wearable market share to 15.9% – surpassing Fitbit as the world’s most popular smartwatch.

Sweat-Detecting Workout Apparel

Imagine if your favorite workout gear, whether that be a set of New Balance running kicks or an Under Armour tank top, was smart enough to detect sweat during a workout. Or better yet, imagine if your clothes had ventilation flaps that opened up as soon as it sensed heat coming off your body. Now […]

Orbiting Smartwatch

On the heels of iReviews publishing its Best Smartwatches of 2017 list, Dartmouth College researchers have unveiled a revolutionary watch face prototype called Cito. Capable of moving in five different directions, Cito rotates, hinges, translates, and orbits.


Whether it’s the Samsung Gear S3, the Garmin Forerunner 935, the Tag Heuer Modular 45, the LG Watch Sport, or the Apple Watch Series 2, the best smartwatches of 2017 come fully equipped with state-of-the-art sensor technology. Housed in these watches are intuitive operating systems enabling users to connect to their smart devices like never […]

Although 3D printing has become “newest thing” in industrial manufacturing, it has yet to successfully crossover into wearable technology. So leave it to the always-innovative Adidas to find a revolutionary process called Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) to make their already-impressive Futurecraft 3D training sneaker all the more amazing. With the hopes of producing 100,000 of […]

Soon operating your IoT smart devices will be as simple as swiping the arm of your jacket. Just imagine dimming your Phillips Hue Light Bulbs by pressing a button on your jacket or silencing an incoming phone call by touching the sleeve of your coat. The giant clothing retailer Levi’s is making their first smart […]

Boeing has unveiled its “Boeing Blue” spacesuit designed to bring astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s commercial flight company SpaceX has hired a Hollywood superhero costume designer Jose Fernandez to create its Ironman-like spacesuit. The only requirements: make it look awesome. They hired the right guy for the job.

Backed by $10 million in Series A funding by Japanese venture firm Global Brain, California-based robotics start-up Superflex hopes to solve mobility issues in our aging population. Initially focused on the U.S. market, which will see its 65-and-over baby boomer generation double from 48 million to 88 million in the next three decades, Superflex has […]

With a scheduled release date of December 20th, the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 self-lacing shoe will be on shelves throughout store locations in NY, Chicago, LA and San Francisco. Your chance to finally step into Marty McFly’s ‘Back to the Future’ shoe will soon become a reality. Even though considered by most to be a tough […]

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