Q-Grips Review 2022

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  • January 18,2022
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Q-Grips Comprehensive Review

Cleaning your ears is something that you might do every day or a few times a week. Some people experience less buildup than others and can clean their ears less often. Though cotton swabs have a disclaimer on the package that tells you not to insert them into your ears, if you’re like most people, you probably do anyway. The soft cotton at the end of the tip has a soothing feel that can help you curb an itchy ear canal and take away wax and other buildups at the same time. Using those swabs can cause some serious damage to your ears though, which is why you need to consider an alternative.


One of the best alternatives that we found is the Q-Grips tool. It is the perfect size for inserting into your ears and is so safe that you can use the tool in your child’s ear. The tool does a great job of removing the wax stuck to all areas of your ear. As it can go deeper into your canal without causing any damage, it removes more wax than cotton swabs can and is just as easy to use. Our Q-Grips review will teach you everything you need to know about this simple tool.


With the Q-Grips wax removal tool, you can get your ears as clean as you need.

  • Made from silicone and surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Includes 16 reusable tips/heads
  • Safe alternative to other ear cleaning methods
  • Suitable for users of all ages
  • Only available online
  • Does not include any instructions
  • May require a syringe and warm water to finish cleaning your ears
  • Makes some loud noises that can scare younger users

To go deeper into your ears than you ever went before, you want Q-Grips. This surgical-grade stainless steel tool comes with 16 tips/heads made from silicone that are reusable to reduce your impact on the environment and help you save money. It helps you clean more of your ears than other tools can.

What is Earwax?

Before you read through our Q-Grips review, you may want to learn about earwax and what it contains. Earwax is a substance that you’ll notice inside and on the outer edges of your ear. If you don’t clean your ears as often as you should, that wax can drain out of your ears and leave a sticky or waxy film on your lobes. The outer canal of each ear produces a small amount of wax called cerumen. When you take a shower, the water can get inside your ears and push away some of that wax. You also remove earwax when you clean your ears.


Earwax typically consists of the wax that your ears produce along with other items that find a way into your ears. Not only can it contain bits of animal hair from your pets, but it may contain dandruff that falls off your head and particles of dust from the environment. Depending on what is inside your ears, the wax may be a soft yellow color or develop into a deeper brown shade. Earwax essentially acts as a shield to protect the inside of your ears from damage caused by those particles. Cleaning your ears regularly removes that dust but still keeps your ears safe.

Earwax is one of the most important substances that the human body creates.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ears?

Doctors do not always agree on how often you should clean your ears. They generally suggest that you clean them when they feel dirty or itchy. Have you ever sat down to watch a movie or read a book and felt as if there was something in your ear? That sensation can occur because you have a buildup of wax. As your ear produces more wax, it needs to push out that old wax. This can also cause the itchiness that you feel. You might find that the outer area of your ear feels waxy or sticky too, which is a sign that there is too much wax.


If you suffer from frequent buildup, it’s helpful to clean your ears every night. Your doctor might recommend daily cleanings if you suffer from ear problems or constant infections. Most people only need to clean their ears once a week, but some people prefer cleaning their ears every few days. Though you can clean your ears once a week or every week and a half, you should regularly clean them. This prevents the ear canal from absorbing particles and debris, which can push deeper into your ears and cause an infection.

Don’t assume that your ears come clean during a shower as you often need to get deeper to remove the excess wax.

What are Some Signs You Should Clean Your Ears?

One of the nice things about our ears is that they are self-cleaning. Our ears know when they need cleaning and can take steps to remove the excess buildup lodged in the canals. You naturally clean your ears every time that you chew or speak too. The simple motion of moving your jaw causes the ears to push out the wax. You cannot rely on your ears to remove all that wax though as there are signs that you should clean them, including:


  • You have problems with your hearing that makes noises sound muffled
  • You hear a ringing sound in your ears, which is a condition called tinnitus
  • Your ears often feel itchy or dirty
  • You spend a lot of time in the water and suffer from swimmer’s ear


Not cleaning your ears for weeks or longer can increase your risks of suffering from some serious medical problems. This might require seeing an audiologist for professional ear cleaning. The audiologist will use special tools to remove earwax buildup and anything else lodged in your ear canals. Before making a doctor’s appointment, you can clean your ears at home with Q-Grips. After one cleaning, you might notice that your hearing improves and that your ears no longer feel itchy.


The Q-Grips earwax removal tool is safe enough to use on babies.

What is the Q-Grips?

Using a cotton swab to clean your ear is risky because the end can push wax and other debris deeper into your ear canal. A far safer and better alternative to cleaning your ears is the Q-Grips too. This small tool features six heads made from the same surgical-grade stainless steel that doctors use. Not only does it reach deeper than a cotton swab can, but it rotates to remove more buildup from the sides of your ear canals. The Q-Grips tool removes any dried wax stuck inside your ears that can contain fungi or bacteria along with any other debris trapped in your ears.


If you tried using other similar tools in the past, you probably found that they caused a small amount of pain. The Q-Grips tool will not cause any pain because of the specially designed stainless steel heads. Those heads come in different sizes that work on each member of your family. You can also give each person a head to use when they clean their ears. The Q-Grips tool provides a massaging sensation as it works to help you relax as you clean. You won’t find any other tool that is as easy to use in your ears.


The Q-Grips tool comes with enough heads for every member of your family.

How Can You Use the Q-Grips?

You can use the Q-Grips in the same way you would normally use a cotton swab or any other ear cleaner. Once you remove the tool from the packaging, you’ll notice that you have several stainless steel heads and a matching handle. To use it, you need to insert one of the heads into the handle. Each head has two small pieces on the sides of the base. You need to push or squeeze the pieces together and slide the base into the handle. Releasing those pieces will ensure that the head remains locked in the handle and that it doesn’t slide out or stick in your ear.


Near the top of the handle is a bright blue spot with a white arrow that points to the side. This arrow tells you how you should twist the tool in your ear. Carefully hold the handle with one hand as you insert the head into the ear canal. Once you feel the tip touching your ear, turn the handle in the direction that the arrow faces. The head looks similar to a screw that twists around inside your ear. You’ll then carefully turn the handle in the opposite direction to remove the waxy buildup.

The arrow on the Q-Grips tool shows you how to turn it in your ear.

Why is the Q-Grips Tool a Better Alternative to the Cotton Swab?

Let’s face it: most of us reach for a box of cotton swabs when we need to clean our ears. These swabs are cheap and come in packages with 100 or more than you can keep on hand for removing your makeup and cleaning electronics. Cotton swabs are also dangerous and one of the worst things that you can put in your ears. Some of the cheaper swabs have a thin and flexible cardboard applicator that can break when you insert it into your ear. The swabs also have a rounded tip that forces earwax and debris deeper into your ears, which can cause problems in the long term. Q-Grips are a better and safer alternative to cotton swabs for a few reasons, including:

  • The stainless steel head removes wax from the inside of your ear and deeper in the canal
  • You don’t need to worry about the handle breaking or bending as you use it
  • It is reusable and easy to clean
  • You can use the multiple heads to share the tool’s handle with others in your home
  • The Q-Grips tool does not cause any pain or discomfort, which are two of the biggest reasons you might dislike cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are one of the worst things that you can use to clean your ears

Why Should You Use Q-Grips?

Frequent ear infections can knock you off your feet and leave you spending hours in bed. Those infections can make it hard for you to concentrate on a book or screen and cause vertigo that makes you feel dizzy and nauseous when you stand up. Q-Grips are great for those who battle ear infections a few times a year and those who hate the pain and discomfort that they usually feel when cleaning their ears. This handy tool improves the hygiene of your ears and can help you avoid constant doctor’s appointments to get antibiotics.


Those who work in specific jobs or do specific activities may suffer from ear infections too such as swimmers. If you forget to wear protective gear in your ears, the chemicals from the pool can impact the wax in your ears. Not only can it strip that wax and leave your ears exposed, but the moisture can also cling to your ears when you get out of the pool. This can cause tinnitus as well as pain. You should use Q-Grips to prevent damage to your ears from both water as well as environmental dangers. This tool offers one of the easiest and most convenient ways to clean your ears.

Whether you swim in a pool or a natural body of water, Q-Grips can remove the excess water stuck in your ears.

Where Can You Use the Q-Grips?

The Q-Grips tool is designed specifically for use in the human ears. While you cannot use this tool to clean your dog’s ears or cat’s ears, it works just as well on kids as it does on adults. Whether you want to clean your ears while watching a new movie on Netflix or as you wait for a game to load on your computer, you can use this tool. Though it comes with stainless steel heads, those heads have a soft outer shell made from silicone that feels soft and comfortable in your ears. The included handle is so compact that you don’t need to worry about the Q-Grips tool taking up too much space in your luggage.


This is also a tool that you can use at the end of a workout. If you love swimming in your gym’s pool, you can keep the tool in your gym bag to clean your ears as soon as you get out of the pool and dry off. It’s just as easy to use after going for a dip in a lake or relaxing in a hot tub. As your body temperature rises during a workout, you might find that the wax in your ears loosens and finds its way onto your skin. Tossing the Q-Grips tool in your bag ensures that you can use it to remove that wax after your exercise session.

The Q-Grips tool is so compact that you can even take and use it on the beach.

Natural Remedies for Cleaning Your Ears

Many people swear by natural remedies that they claim work just as well on their ears. One option is an ear candle. Though it looks like a standard candle, you insert one end in your ear and lay down with that ear facing up. The claim is that lighting the candle produces heat that dries out your ear and removes the wax, which you can see on the candle. Not only is this method dangerous, but it doesn’t work. The debris that you see left behind comes from the color of the candle and not the debris in your ear.


Another alternative is hydrogen peroxide. This method tells you to place a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in your ear with an eyedropper. You can replace that liquid with mineral oil. Another remedy that some use is sweet oil, which is a type of olive oil. Users claim that sweet oil can reduce pain caused by an infection too. Adding liquid to your ear is dangerous because it can rupture your eardrum. The Q-Grips tool is a better and safer way to clean your ears that is still natural. It doesn’t cause any pain and won’t leave behind oil or wax.

Ear candles do not work nearly as well as the Q-Grips tool does at cleaning your ears.

Who’s This For?

The Q-Grips earwax removal tool is a suitable tool for anyone worried about the buildup of wax in their ears. It is a good tool for those who want to clean their ears but are worried about damaging the canals too. Using other types of tools and products is risky because you can go too far into your ear and puncture the eardrum. This will cause quite a bit of pain and affect your hearing. Some tools also affect the glands that produce wax and prevent them from releasing the natural wax that you need. You risk stripping the natural oils that you need too.


We recommend this earwax removal tool for those who spend a lot of time outside. Whether you’re a hiker or a camper, you can pick up particles from the plants around you and anything else you come into contact with outdoors. The Q-Grips tool is easy to use in the middle of a hiking trail or when you set up camp at the end of the day. You’ll find that you can use it at the gym or when you’re on vacation too. It works anywhere when you want to clean your ears painlessly.

The Q-Grips tool is perfect for taking on rural camping trips and upscale RV parks.

Should You Buy It?

You must consider all the pros and cons before buying a product on the web, especially one that you’ll use in a delicate area such as your ears. Many people were happy with the Q-Grips that they purchased and wrote glowing reviews about their experiences. They highlighted the low cost of the product and its environmentally-friendly design that let them reuse the silicone tips and share them with their loved ones.


Unlike cotton swabs that have a flexible stick that can bend and break off in your ear, the handle on Q-Grips has a sturdy design that helps it feel stable in your hand. You’ll have no problem inserting one of the tips into the handle and using it in your ear. If you have kids who hate things going near their ears and faces, you might find that they feel comfortable using this tool. It doesn’t cause any of the pain that you usually associate with cleaning your ears.

You can easily clean Q-Grips under running water in your bathroom.

Some of the other features that we like about Q-Grips include:


  • Durable design: Thanks to the durable design, this tool will let you clean your ears multiple times in the coming months and years.
  • Low price: Why pay $30 or more for a tool that requires you to buy special drops or water? You can buy a single Q-Grips tool for only $35 today and save even more if you buy more than one of these tools.
  • Optional warranty: The manufacturer of Q-Grips offers an optional warranty that covers one or more of the tools. You can add this warranty to your order for less than $10 and get one to two years of extra coverage.
  • Regular use: Q-Grips tools are suitable for daily use among those who swim every day. You can use the tips as often as you would like to keep your ears clean.

Using Q-Grips is one of the best and easiest ways to clean your ears.

What are Some of the Problems with Q-Grips?

Looking at the possible Q-Grips cons is the best way to see if you want to spend your money based on the experiences that other customers had. One complaint that we found is that the manufacturer doesn’t properly estimate how long delivery will take. Though the website claims that you should get your order in around 10 days, it took between one month and six weeks for some customers to get their packages. Included in the box is a set of 16 tips made from silicone. Some thought that these tips were too lightweight and flexible. When they used them, the tips broke. Others found that the handle wasn’t strong enough to secure the tip.


If you want to check with a local store and purchase Q-Grips there, you will likely find yourself disappointed. This tool is only available online and from the site that we directed you to above. There were also complaints about the effectiveness of the tool and how well it worked. Many users found that it removed the wax from their canals but left it stuck in their ears. Even after using Q-Grips, you may still need to use warm water or oil to flush the wax from your ears.

Other Cons of Q-Grips

  • It makes a lot of noises that can frighten some users
  • You can turn the tool too much and hit your eardrum
  • Some found that it left too much earwax behind
  • It can cause some discomfort when used in smaller ears
  • The tips are sometimes too soft to remove all debris from your ears
  • Customer service responds slowly to calls and emails

Where to Buy

You can buy Q-Grips right here. Available for sale in dozens of countries, the site asks you to pick your country from a long list first to view how to order. Not only does our link drop the price of the tool from $70 to $35, but you also qualify for free shipping to save even more on your order. Though many people buy just one of these ear cleaning tools, others purchased in bulk because of the available special discounts. Those discounts include:

  • Get two Q-Grips for only $59
  • Buy three Q-Grips for $85
  • Save more than $5 per tool when you buy five for $129

If you want to save even more money and are on the hunt for holiday gifts, consider the 10 pack of Q-Grips. This set costs $229, which brings the cost down to less than $23 per tool. No matter which set you decide to buy, you’ll find an encrypted website that keeps your payment details secure and a guarantee that you can check out in minutes. The site accepts both credit cards as well as PayPal accounts. You also have the option of adding a one-year or two-year warranty to your purchase.

Should You Add the Optional Warranty?

You might not think twice about adding an optional warranty when you buy a flat-screen television or another expensive electronic. When it comes to cheaper items that you buy on the web, you might skip the warranty to save a little money. We highly recommend adding the optional warranty when you buy one or more of the Q-Grips. This warranty comes in two options:

  • One-year
  • Two-year

It costs only $5.95 to add the one-year warranty to your order and $9.95 if you select the two-year warranty. The price remains the same whether you buy one tool or one of the larger packs. If you worry that the product doesn’t match the description or think that it might not be perfect for every person in your home, you should add the warranty. It costs a fraction of what the tool itself costs and gives you some peace of mind. Some of the potential problems that the warranty covers include:

  • A handle that breaks from too much pressure
  • Silicone tips that arrive damaged or broken
  • Tips that wear down the first time that you use them
  • Handles that split or crack when you take them out of the box
  • Tips that break when inserted into the handle

The Q-Grips Warranty Saves You Money in the Long Run.

What are the Top Benefits of Q-Grips?

  • You can use Q-Grips on adults and children as well as men and women
  • Q-Grips are reusable to cut down on the waste that your family produces
  • Each silicone tip reaches deep into your ear canals to remove all the wax
  • The tool helps you clean your ears at home in the same way that your doctor would in their office
  • You can easily rinse off the tips and remove stuck-on wax to keep using them
  • Thanks to the low prices that our links offer, you can get as many of the tools that you want and reduce the price per unit
  • Each tip is so flexible and soft that you may not even feel them in your ear
  • You can use Q-Grips to remove any debris from your ear, including fleas and other small insects that crawled into the canals
  • It doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort in the ways that similar tools can
  • The handle rotates with a flick of your wrist to get into the parts of your ears that other tools miss
  • Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, the tool can hold up to daily use
  • You can use Q-Grips in the comfort of your home or while out

Q-Grips are so comfortable to use that you can smile while cleaning your ears.


Bevin Earwax Removal Kit

Some people claim that the only thing you need to remove earwax is some warm water, which you can use with this Bevin Earwax Removal Kit. It comes with a large spray bottle that you fill with warm water and a silicone tube that you screw onto the top. Once filled, you pull the trigger to send the water through the tube and into the tip that you place in your ear. Though the kit comes with 30 tips, you’ll need to throw them away after using them, which can add to the total cost. This kit can also add too much moisture and make your ears hurt.

Clearoo Earwax Removal Endoscope

With this Clearoo Earwax Removal Endoscope, you can use the camera on your smartphone to make sure that you don’t go too deep in your ears. The tool itself has a built-in camera that projects everything it sees on your phone’s screen in high-definition. It maintains a consistent temperature to prevent discomfort and has a bright light that helps you see the debris in your ears. We do not recommend this for all users though. You can easily push the tool too far into your ear and puncture your eardrum or cause serious damage to the canal.

Clinere Ear Cleaners Pack

Cleaning your ears at home or on the go is easy with this Clinere Ear Cleaners Pack that comes with 36 flexible tools in each value pack. Made from plastic, the tool is flexible to get around the inside of your ear and deep into the canal. One end has a small scoop that works on waxy buildup stuck to your ears. The opposite end has a fin design that helps you remove other types of debris. As with similar tools, these are easy to break if you use too much force. You also risk that cleaning tool hitting your eardrum.

Debrox Earwax Removal Drops

Another alternative to the Q-Grips tool is this bottle of Debrox Earwax Removal Drops. The bottle holds 0.5 ounces and has a special tip that is similar to those found on nasal sprays. You simply lean to the side with your ear facing up and place a few drops of the liquid in the outer ear. It will slowly move into the canal and create a foaming substance that cleans your ear from the inside out. Some dislike the sensation that the foam causes and that some of the liquid seeped out of their ears and onto their clothing or furniture.