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Best Smart Luggage

Whether it’s Bluetooth Location Awareness technology or a built-in GPS tracking device, it’s hard to lose smart luggage these days. Connected via an intuitive app that tells you the weight of your check-in suitcase or if the digital lock is activated, the modern day traveler has peace of mind around the safekeeping of their belongings. […]

Best Smart Projectors

iReviews has come up with its list of the 5 Best Smart Projectors of 2017. With most of the projectors on the list falling into the affordable category (under $1,000), we made sure that price did not compromise the most important feature: image quality. With 1080p resolution standard on most DLP units, we had to […]

Best 360 Cameras

iReviews has put together its list of the Top 5 Best 360 Cameras of 2017 and it’s impressive. Whether it’s the VIRB 360, the Samsung Gear 360, Nikon KeyMission, 360fly 4K, or the Ricoh Theta S – all of these state-of-the-art digital cameras are designed to capture high-quality panoramic footage and brilliant still images. As […]

Best Smart Bikes

Called the smart bike, urban commuter, road bike, connected bike, super bike – you name it – the modern day bicycle comes with a full suite of technology designed for both rider safety and performance. From Vibration Control Systems that absorb road impact to lightweight carbon fiber frames, the smart bike of today comes equipped […]

Best Home Firewalls

These days, staying safe online is much more complicated than ever before. There are thousands of different ways that folks with malicious intentions can access your devices and potentially steal valuable information, or worse. The Internet is not a safe place, and the wrong move can result in serious ramifications that affect your life, your livelihood, […]

Best 3D Scanners

iReviews has put together a list of the 5 Best 3D Scanners currently on the market for under $1,500. From the DIY hobbyists to the professional designer, today’s 3D scanning devices are not only affordable but are capable of high-resolution images down to 0.1mm. Whether you’re interested in a portable handheld device for scanning large […]

Best 3D Printers

The best 3D printers are the ones engineered for industrial-level precision without compromising reliability. From Stereolithography (SLA) to Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology, the modern day printer is capable of layer resolutions between 20-400 microns while seamlessly generating high-quality prototypes from a wide selection of materials that include PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, HDPE, and TPU. […]

Best VPN Services

The movement towards securing one’s online identity and privacy has been growing exponentially in the past few years. With the exposure of just how much we’re being spied on, people are naturally gravitating towards services that protect their rights to privacy online. With oppressive networking, government censorship, and online tracking running rampant, it’s hard to feel […]

Best Drones

From the novice pilot to the advanced operator, drone technology has advanced exponentially over the past few years. With max speeds hitting upwards of 50 mph and 4K video resolution now the standard, drone manufacturers are equipping their quadcopters with state-of-the-art cameras backed by batteries capable of 30 minute flight times. Armed with GPS & […]

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