You Liked: Making the Most of Social Media Marketing

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Social media remains one of the most impactful ways of promoting your brand. It offers immediate feedback, engagement with your target audience, and a chance for your loyal fans to easily become brand advocates and spread your message. If you’re looking to promote your brand online, then it makes sense to use social media in […]

Education is definitely one of the most important things in life; no one can really refute that. In fact, education is crucial in one’s life to progress and achieve goals. But, after some time studying can get a little boring, don’t you agree? We have modern technology to thank for making students’ lives easier and […]


Generally speaking video editors have a steep learning curve, and require a lot of experience before they can be used effectively. While there are some that are more user-friendly, they often tend to only have basic features, and the scope of what they can do is limited. Movavi Video Editor is a video editing software that […]

Black Friday Smartphone Deals

Time to gear up for exciting deals as the largest shopping event of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is upon us.  Below we list some of the great Black Friday smartphone deals we have found in the UK and US. Useful Tips for Finding the Best Deals this Black Friday Know what you […]

As the foray into robotic automation continues, more and more businesses are incorporating robots into various production processes. The shift into the wide-scale adoption of robotics is so significant that according to Adobe’s 2018 digital intelligence briefing, 31% of businesses plan to add AI and robotic support over the next 12 months. There are three […]

Many people view automation of the warehouse as he simple application of packaging and storage software but the truth is that it entails more than that. It is a process which is guaranteed to reduce your operational costs greatly while improving production efficiency. Automation of the warehouse revolves around finding suitable tasks that are time […]

Logos can be text or abstract in type. The logo designers require comprehending the type of logo that is appropriate for a business, service or product.   About Text Logo As the name suggests, text logos are textual. Company or brand uses a text logo to communicate with the customers, easily. Many successful businesses have […]

Almost every Mac user uses one or the other third-party cleaning and maintenance apps. A cleaning utility works by deleting all the clutter that slows down your Mac. It helps in improving the system’s performance. These apps make it easier and faster for your to clean your system. All you have to do is run […]

Cars today come pre-equipped with the latest tech. The latest models support Apple Carplay and Android Auto natively, allowing the car to be connected to your smartphone of choice for additional features. There are also interesting new technologies embedded into modern cars, including self-parking features and improved night vision. Even with so many gadgets already […]