Best Text Logo Makers at a Glance

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  • July 31,2018
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Logos can be text or abstract in type. The logo designers require comprehending the type of logo that is appropriate for a business, service or product.

About Text Logo

As the name suggests, text logos are textual. Company or brand uses a text logo to communicate with the customers, easily. Many successful businesses have used text logos to gain a competitive edge over rival businesses. Such logos can be conveniently printed in different shapes, forms, sizes, and colors according to the requirements of a business. Popular companies using text logos are CNN, IBM, FedEx, Disney, Dell, NASA, CocaCola and the list is big.

Important Features of Text-Based Logos

Following are some of the important features of text logos that make them immensely popular among organizations.


Text logos are simple to create or design. These logos only contain the name of the business instead of a symbol. These logos help customers to remember the company or brand name.

Immediate Recognition

The text logos offer businesses prompt recognition. For large businesses, symbol-based logos can be useful. However, for small businesses which are not that popular, test-based logos are useful. Using text logos many businesses have penetrated the market with their branding, products or services and get the name, recognition among the customers.

Message Clarity

The text-based logos contain organization or business name. The message is conveyed to the customers easily. The users don’t require thinking hard when they take a look at the text-based logos. However, using the text logos, the customers don’t get adequate information about the nature of the business, type of products or services that the business offers to its customers.

Easy to Remember

When compared to other logo types, textual logos are easy to remember. In this context, it is important to say that it is easy to remember a name if it is good and catchy.

Text Logos are Descriptiv

Textual logos are not the same as descriptive logos. However, the textual logos do contain some information regarding a business or brand. Though the text logos offer the customers limited information, they are a lot better than other logo types that do not contain a description.

Logo Designing Tips

For every modern business, a logo plays an important part. A professional logo helps a business to stand out in the crowd. Logos are usually unique for every company. Logos are important when it comes to branding. The success of a brand depends on the success of a logo.


There are different types of logos available, online. Professional graphic designers design attractive logos using appropriate graphics designing software programs. Irrespective of the type of logo that you create, you need to ensure that your logo is uncomplicated, easily remembered and flexible.


Uncomplicated: Logos that is simple (not complicated) is preferred in business. The graphic designers use logo designing tools to create simple yet attractive logos.


Logos should be easily remembered: Logos represent a company or a brand. Good logos are memorable, they impress the audience.


Long-lasting: Well-designed logos should be relevant with time. It is advisable to avoid trendy fonts as trendy fonts are usually short-lived.


Flexible: Good logos should be flexible. They should look good irrespective of their sizes. They should look good even if they are made of black and white.


If you need a logo then you should hire the services of a professional graphic designer. Hiring the services of a professional graphic designer can be expensive. Therefore, the logo designer can use professional logo generator to create logos, free of cost.

Logo Maker Software Tools

Following is a list of 5 logo maker software tools:

1. Flaming Text

Refer to Flaming Text and you get 100s of logo designs. Create attractive logos in a matter of seconds using the designs. Use the relevant logo-designing tool to create your logo. There are logo creators that do not need technical expertise on the part of the user. Some logo designing software has stock imagery and the software user can use the stock imagery to create attractive logos. Flaming Text offers online options to create lucrative logos and it is quite popular among the designers.

2. Cool Text

Cool Text is a free graphic-generator for the web pages. The interfaces used in this software are simple. Users of Cool Text can easily design impressive logos without much-designing efforts. While using Cool Text the user requires choosing the image type of his or her preference. The logo creating software generates hundreds of logo options that describe a business. The software allows the creation of custom logos for business purposes.

3. Supa Logo

Supa Logo maker is available online for use by the designers. The users of the software can conveniently create attractive logos for business. If the audience wants such stylish logos then the software tool can be an ideal logo-maker. Prior to logo creation, the user requires to input about font preferences as well as the effect to apply on the logos. Often businesses create a base logo and then pass the same to a professional designer so that the later can make it more attractive and meaningful.

4. Logo Nut

The Logo Nut software is an effective logo maker tool. The software can be customized and used. This is an online logo creator software tool. The software tool is ideal for important businesses. Logo Nut has a number of features and the interested users can get more information on the tool from Many professionals find this logo maker software, interesting.

5. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands logo maker is a free online software for designing text logos. It is quite useful to create attractive logos. The software has a number of intriguing features. The tool is quite simple to use and designers can design attractive logos without the designing skills. The software can be used to create adaptable, attractive, powerful logos for business purposes.


Apart from the 5 logo maker software tools that are discussed above, there are a number of other logo maker software programs. This includes the Hipster Logo Generator, Square Space Logo Maker and Design Hill Logo Maker. Persons, interested in availing these software tools can get to know about them, online. The different free logo-creator software tools are available online. Interested persons can download to use the software for logo-designing purposes.


Free logo designing software tools offer users a great way to create professional logos that speak adequately about a business or brand. The graphic designers using a standard logo designing software tool require deciding the theme of the logo, first. The online logo-generators simplify the task of logo creation.