Tovala Smart Oven

From Italian sausage meatballs with herbed cauliflower rice to baked masala pasta with sweet potatoes, the Tovala Smart Oven pairs with a subscription-based healthy meal plan designed around the busy professional. With an ever-growing list of chef-inspired healthy meal recipes, members have the choice between three single serving meals per week ($36) or three double-servicing meals per week ($72). The best part about the Tovala Smart Oven: you skip the entire meal prep process and still eat healthily.

Suaoki P7

Described as the perfect combination of both precision laser distance meter and ultra sensitive angle sensor, the P7 uses automatic calculation functions to give you area, volume, and the distance between two arbitrary points. Available to ship this October (2017), the Suaoki P7 is a highly versatile measuring laser that calculates the trickiest corners, the steepest pitches, and the most uneven surfaces in your home with ease.

Il Makiage Foundation Review

Il Makiage has a quiz that asks you a series of questions to determine which foundation shade is right for you. It takes less than two minutes to complete this quiz. The brand also works with popular influencers and lets them post videos on the site. They offer their honest feedback about select products and tips on how you can use those products. Though the brand started in 1972 as a traditional makeup company, it shifted its focus in 2018 to online shopping and helping customers find their perfect shades. Our Il Makiage foundation review will look at the two foundations from this brand along with some of the other top products.

What are the odds of winning the lottery?

The lottery is one way that people can win money. Sometimes, the prizes are huge, so they’re extremely tempting. Other times, they have smaller payouts, but they are just enough to give someone a small financial boost.

KaChava Review

Meal replacement shakes are a popular option for those who don’t have time to sit down for a full meal. While the shakes that fast food restaurants serve come loaded with fat and sugar as well as calories, KaChava offers an alternative to those shakes. This brand makes both vanilla and chocolate flavors that taste just like your favorite shakes but use natural superfoods that may improve your health. As a bonus, they are safe for those who can’t have gluten and vegans.

Lovesac Furniture Review

Buying new furniture for your home is exciting. You can choose from different colors and materials for each room and show off your sense of style. Lovesac makes many pieces that are stylish and perfect for any home along with being comfortable. One of its more popular products is the Sactional, which the company calls the World’s Most Adaptable Couch. You can choose a basic set that is similar to a loveseat with space for just two or go with one that has seating for more than 10 people. In addition to the Sactional, you’ll find the Sac, which helps you feel as though you’re sitting or sleeping on a fluffy cloud.

Top 26 Resources for Learning Sign Language

Learning ASL can help you help people who are hearing impaired or deaf. If you are deaf or hearing impaired, it could help you make you communicate more clearly with others. ASL is a fantastic tool for anyone wanting further ways to talk with others.

34 Great Apps and Resources to Help You Learn a Language

Learning a new language helps you connect to other cultures and learn more about the people who don’t speak the same way you do. Learning a language is a great way to improve the likelihood of getting hired (most employers love having multilingual staff members) and expanding your horizons.

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Give Back with These Volunteering Opportunities You Can Do From Anywhere

There are a surprising number of jobs that need to be done online, from social media management to emailing the mailing list with updates about a big project. Whether you want to work with children, the elderly, nature, or communities, there may be the perfect remote volunteer job waiting for you on this list.