Suaoki P7

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  • November 08,2022
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Suaoki P7

Whether it’s home remodeling, furniture arrangement, interior design, or detailed floor plans, the Suaoki P7 all-in-one laser measuring device takes the guesswork out your next project. Described as the perfect combination of both precision laser distance meter and ultra sensitive angle sensor, the P7 uses automatic calculation functions to give you area, volume, and the distance between two arbitrary points. Available to ship this October (2017), the Suaoki P7 is a highly versatile measuring laser that calculates the trickiest corners, the steepest pitches, and the most uneven surfaces in your home with ease.

Intelligent Design Features

Designed to “revolutionize how you measure,” the P7 laser is capable of storing 30 sets of data points without being connected to the Suaoki app. The sky is the limit once you open up the smartphone app. Connected by Bluetooth LTE technology, the P7 allows users to draw detailed floor plans sketches (CAD), attach measurements to digital images of objects, and import/export data points to an Excel Spreadsheet. With the P7, everything is a one-click process and keeping track of the crucial measurements of an interior design project is taken care of by simply opening the iOS/Android app.

Superior Functionality

We’ve all had the same thought while sitting through High School Geometry class: “I am ever going to use this in real life?” Well, sorry to blow up your prediction, but the Suaoki P7 calculates the majority of its measurements using all of our favorite geometry equations, including the Pythagorean Theorem. Thankfully, you don’t have to dust off the old Geometry book and carry with you a cheat sheet of formulas on how to calculate area, volume, or the side of a triangle – the P7 does this all for you. Your job is to simply point and click the device. To calculate the distance between two points, for example, users select the arbitrary points distance function and click twice. The P7 automatically calculates the distance and stores it in the cloud.

Advanced Measurements

With a built-in auto level and auto height feature, the P7 removes human error out of capturing accurate measurements. It also comes with a full suite of functions and automatic calculations. The continuous measurement feature, for example, allows users to rapidly obtain a series of distances for the sake of picking out the minimum and maximum calculation. This is perfect for homeowners that need to capture the measurements of hard-to-reach corners of both ceiling, floors, and walls. All it takes to obtain area/volume measurements is capturing the side lengths of an object one by one – the P7 does the rest – giving instant calculations.

Auto Level/Auto Height Functions

The Suaoki P7 has an accuracy of +/- 2mm in length and +/- 0.3-degrees for angles. In the 2 arbitrary point mode, the P7 has an accuracy of +/- 1cm. In other words, the P7 laser is designed for precision. Need to know the distance between you and the wall but there’s a kitchen island/cabinets in the way? The Auto Level feature allows you to point to the upper portion of the wall – bypassing the obstacles. The P7, using its built-in trigonometric function, the horizontal distance between you and the wall.
If you’re in the market for new kitchen cabinets and need to know the vertical measurement, just measure the length of both upper and lower ends of the vertical line. The Auto Height feature will automatically yield your kitchen cabinets’ height with pinpoint accuracy.

The Suaoki Intuitive App

Integrating the P7 with your smartphone is a no-brainer. Instead of saving just 30 data points, you have an unlimited amount of data points stored inside the app for quick access. The app features three basic functions making your next remodeling project a seamless experience:

  • Export data points into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • Draw a brief sketch of a floor plan – reminding you where to put the sofa or the dimensions of an area rug.
  • Annotate dimensions in your images. Take a photo and mark it with the dimensions on your smartphone.

User-Friendly Operations

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to complete projects around the house or a construction foreman sending floor plants to their architect, the P7 is a user-friendly device no matter the level of expertise. Equipped with a 2.0” color LCD touch display, automatic screen rotation, and a high precision angle sensor, the P7 laser is designed to produce super accurate results. Suaoki Direct made its P7 a foolproof device. By incorporating features like the 3D Digital Spirit Level – an indicator that lets the user know if the P7 is on a level surface – human error is taken completely out of the equation. As for durability, the P7 is IP54 dust and splash proof and comes wrapped in a rugged/elastic anti-drop rubber material – making it the ideal tool for outdoor construction sites.

  • Measure any Angle
  • Designed for the Professional & Everyday Use
  • 2.0″ LCD TouchScreen
  • High Precision Angle Sensor
  • Automatic Screen Rotation
  • Automatic Measuring Functions
  • IP54 Dust and Splashproof
  • Anti-Drop
  • Automatic Leveling
  • Availability (ESD October 2017)