Trusted Housesitters Review

Trusted Housesitters is an exchange service that is available for $129 per year. Instead of paying for a pet sitter to stay at your home while you are out of town, Trusted Housesitters allows people to provide a place for sitters to stay, in exchange for them watching their home and pets.

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Hubble Contacts Review

Whether you’re a keyholder or manager at work or have other duties, you might have a few keys that you need for work. Those keys combined with the one you use for your home and any others that you have all take up room on your key ring. Thanks to KeySmart, you now have an easy and convenient way to both store your keys and organize them. As most people carry a minimum of five keys, having an organizational tool comes in handy. You can see how this tool works as well as the benefits of buying one online in our ultimate KeySmart review.

Tovala Smart Oven

From Italian sausage meatballs with herbed cauliflower rice to baked masala pasta with sweet potatoes, the Tovala Smart Oven pairs with a subscription-based healthy meal plan designed around the busy professional. With an ever-growing list of chef-inspired healthy meal recipes, members have the choice between three single serving meals per week ($36) or three double-servicing meals per week ($72). The best part about the Tovala Smart Oven: you skip the entire meal prep process and still eat healthily.

Omaha Steaks Review

Omaha Steaks is a family owned and operated business started over a century ago that provides medium to high quality steaks and other meat products. The brand sells not only steaks but also cuts of chicken, a variety of seafood, sides, desserts, wines, as well as a small selection of cooking utensils and tools to help you prepare the foods that you buy.

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Nurx Healthcare From Home Review

Nurx began its mobile healthcare and delivery service to help increase efficiency within the modern medical system. Instead of waiting in long lines and crowded waiting rooms to see a doctor or get medication, Nurx aims to ease this process using virtual healthcare. They strive to make healthcare more inclusive, increasing accessibility for things such as birth control, STI screenings, and more.

Atlas Coffee Club Review

Atlas Coffee Club is a company that provides organic and gourmet coffee to users via individual bags or through a subscription service. Coffee beans from Atlas are sourced from all over the world, from countries such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.

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Cerebral Review

Cerebral is a digital platform that claims to give people a way to find help with specific mental health issues. One of the main reasons behind the website and companion app being made is to open up the world of mental health to more people. It is often said that the main reason people don’t end up seeking help for their mental health is shame or stigma, and having an online resource allows them to get around that initial feeling of worry.

On Cloud Shoes Review

On Cloud Swiss running shoes feature a unique, patented cushion system that is only applied during landing. These lightweight shoes have become extremely popular due to the support they offer to runners. The shoe claims to allow cushion when stepping on the ground, then quickly snapping back during take off to provide an energy boost.