On Cloud Shoes Review

On Cloud Swiss running shoes feature a unique, patented cushion system that is only applied during landing. These lightweight shoes have become extremely popular due to the support they offer to runners. The shoe claims to allow cushion when stepping on the ground, then quickly snapping back during take off to provide an energy boost.

Lumen Review

The Lumen is a metabolic tracking device created by two doctorates in physiology. They took a process that was traditionally limited to just athletes and attempted to simplify the process for average people to use. The result was the Lumen product they have on offer today.

Tonal Gym Review

The Tonal smart home gym is a science backed, technologically advanced system that can be installed in your house to take your workouts to the next level. Tonal founder, Aly Orady created this smart gym with the goal of creating a more convenient, time effective way to workout.

Cubii Review

Cubii is a line of small and portable ellipticals meant to give your legs a workout while you sit. The products are mainly marketed towards older individuals who want a way to exercise and burn calories while they watch TV, read a book, or get work done.

Chirp Wheel Review

The Chirp Wheel has a small and obvious footprint that allows you to use it while laying on the floor to begin the process. The wheel is meant to put pressure on different muscle groups to reduce pain, discomfort.

Huawei Watch 2

From its powerful 420 mAH battery with a 2-day running time to its “connect anywhere” 4G network, the Huawei Watch 2 is one of the most intuitive smartwatches hitting the market and it just may rekindle the wearables industry.

Orgain Protein Powder Review

Orgain is dedicated to creating healthy protein options that work for nearly everybody. By dedicating their brand to creating vegan, GMO free, allergen free products, their brand is suitable for almost anyone looking to add protein to their diet. With an exciting array of flavors, Orgain has become popular, with many reviews highlighting the great taste of products.

LG Watch Sport W280A

Engineered for the fitness enthusiast and equipped with the latest Android Wear 2.0 operating system, the all-new LG Watch Sport is the perfect mix of style and technology. From the 1.38″ full circle P-OLED display to its built-in activity tracker, LG’s smartwatch is an action-packed wearable with tons of versatility.

Treadly Treadmill Review

The Treadly Treadmill is a compact version of the classic treadmill that makes its size and mobility key selling points. The treadmill itself does exactly what you would want out of a basic piece of exercise equipment, allowing users to get a brisk workout wherever they take it.